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Copy - the classic marketing tool

From Salman Rushdie to Terry Gilliam, some of the world’s finest creative talents have been copywriters. And that doesn’t surprise us because we employ a team of scintillating copywriters who turn every communication into powerful content.

Where content is king, we employ kingmakers to ensure that your website, print copy, email communications and social media copy are all right on target.


Glossy sites and glowing graphics are great, but they don’t cut it with customers if they are accompanied by poor grammar, boring content or derivative text.

Fresh, flowing narratives bring customers to focus on your brand and offering whilst pedestrian text sends them away very quickly. Whilst people can’t necessarily spell or punctuate perfectly themselves, they have an unerring ability to recognise when your website is ill-spelt or poorly punctuated and this causes them to mistrust your offering … can you afford to let yourself down in words?

Digital content

Many businesses disappeared when Google launched Panda and Farmer which weeded out derivative, key-word stuffed, ‘content empty’ sites. Since then, the Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm updates have ensured that fresh, original content is a priority. This means keyword stuffing is heavily penalised whilst powerful content is shared, ‘mixed’ and promoted.

We’re masters of digital content, comfortably surfing the changing demands of the Google algorithms. From #hashtag creation to writing company Annual Reports, we’ve got effective digital content under our belts and at our fingertips.

Media, mainstream and social media management

Just good content is not enough. Business writing has to ride on the back of a global media machine that constantly switchbacks and can mean that social media strategies need to adapt rapidly to changing global circumstances. Our copywriting team know how to tailor your copy in real time so that it rides the social media waves, rather than sinking beneath them.

Does gripping content sound just right for you? Has your copy failed to be as exciting, powerful and rewarding as you’d wish? Are you seeing the returns you expected from your web copy and your marketing communications? If not, contact us on 0203 773 9137 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. … so that we can introduce you to the strategic vigour of our copywriting team.

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