Need a brochure that leaves a lasting impression?

We provide highly creative brochure design services that will ensure your company, solution or product truly stands out. We specialise in tactile high-end printed brochures as well as dynamic interactive digital publications.

In need of memorable messaging? Trust us — your customers get their fill of digital. Give them something tactile and real.

Think about it. Emails get buried or banished as quickly as they arrive. And in truth, we can’t click away from web ads fast enough.

But to receive a brochure — a crisp physical object, specially made — invitingly brings you to read it. Touchable, tangible — it wins out every time. Brochures offer the same sensation as a magazine or mailed letter: it’s a document that feels like a gift.

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What Comes with Our Brochure Design Process

Why Our Clients Trust Us to Design Their Brochures

Creative Layouts

Creative, well-organized layouts.


Engaging content with well-edited visuals.

Fully Printed

Full-service printing to expedite distribution.

Content Creation

Smart, easy-to-read copy for a fun and informative read.

Great Design

Superb formatting to encapsulate a clear brand message.

In-house Proofing

Multiple rounds of in-house proofing to prevent errors.

How We Create A Standout Brochure

1. Identifying the target audience.

Customers come to collateral looking for answers. In our design process, we continually consider what they’re seeking to uncover, then provide it in a clear, inventive way.

2. Understanding how the brochure will be distributed.

Mailed with a first class stamp? Hand delivered? Resting among other brochures in a display rack? All design choices should bear in mind how, where, and through whom the customer will receive this piece of marketing.

3. Asking what brochure format works best.

Sometimes a simple, two-sided rack card brochure will work. But other projects might require a multi-page saddle-stitch or perfect-bound brochure. We always discuss the options well in advance to find a solution that’s both optimal and within budget.

4. Considering which type of press will print the brochures.

The total number of individual brochures will determine the most cost effective production method. Sometimes slight modifications lead to significant savings while still taking advantage of a higher grade printing press.

5. Finding the best design option for the brochure cover.

The cover is the “storefront window” that teases an audience with visual and text elements and a subliminal message that says “pick me up and read me!” By keeping this in mind, we create visually stimulating compositions that will spur customers to action.

6. Remembering how a brochure ties in to other marketing materials.

A brochure should feel integrated and connected to a brand’s other marketing materials. We keep the language, colours, fonts and imagery consistent across mediums as we think about the other materials that coexist alongside it.

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Creative Harmony did an outstandingly good job for my company brochure…

They listened really carefully when I told them what sort of things I like and don’t like in terms of graphic style and images. They listened when I told them about what sort of company I had and what kind of image I wanted to project. They made the effort to really understand what I was looking for and then they had the confidence and skill to give me a choice of designs that matched. They were very responsive to my review comments and I was delighted with the overall result. When it came to printing the brochures, they took care to get me the best quality.
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Published 20 May 2019
Brendan O’Brien

Fulfilled my job spec at very good honest price.

Website design

Fulfilled my job spec at very good honest price. Best thing about Abdul was he was always at hand to help with issues quickly and effectively. Never felt deserted and that was important to me.

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Published Friday, October 13, 2017
John Lloyd