Aston Banks

Brochure Design / Graphics

Aston Banks is an Estate Agent with a difference. Aiming to disrupt the standard view of estate agents, and to deliver a service that delights customers investing in both retail and commercial property, Ashton Banks were seeking a different, dynamic and powerful image that could be carried through all their activities from agency sign boards through office decor to website and print media.

Creative Harmony was uniquely placed to develop a brand-wide identity that could be transmitted at every level of the organisation from mail-shots to vehicles, from business cards to branch interior design. Careful consideration of values and structural elements was necessary to ensure that the brand identity worked across all media, at all levels and in all locations.

The dynamic but refined Aston Banks logo sets the tone for the brand identity. The highly stylised ‘AB’ offers exciting upward moving with its resemblance to an upward pointing arrow which is balanced by the use of the company name in full below the logo, hinting at the traditional values that underpin Aston Banks service offering. Luxurious colour choices echo opulent but classic brands such as Rolls Royce, Mont Blanc and Gap. The rich blue and twin grey colour choices deliver messages of trust and quality. A rich gold note finishes the logo concept, demonstrating confidence and an elite approach.

The emblematic nature of the logo demonstrates the ambition, excellence and focus of the brand and clearly separates Aston Banks from the mass of the industry. Potent design elements encapsulate a clear brand identity that distinguishes Aston Banks from the rest of the pack.

Lifting the key design concepts from the logo and carrying them through branch decor, print media and every area of activity ensures the brand has a self-assured but approachable identity that delivers trust and professionalism.