Clear Globe Associates

Graphics / Brochure Design

The brief

Clear Globe Associates has a powerful aim and a committed team deriving towards it. The aim is to deliver financial peace, through knowledge and discipline, to their clients around the world. Their team is highly qualified and continually trained to improve upon its expertise so that it can improve its service to worldwide clients. Recent project financing includes facilitating the construction of two power stations in Bangladesh, and the organisations status as Mandated Lead Arranger on many transnational schemes shows the capacity and scope of Clear Globe Associatesambitions.

The agency 

Creative Harmonys background in work with international organisations give it a clear edge when designing an appropriate brand identity Clear Globe Associates. This brand needed to demonstrate gravitas and work across national boundaries, deliver confidence to investors and support the ambitions of clients. Intellectual capital, clarity and rigour were key features of Clear Globes offering and Damask designed a logo and brand identity and created a website that encapsulated these key concepts in a welcoming and informative form.

The outcome

A clearly global logo, harnessing Clear Globe Associatesstrong commitment to the energy sector, was the keystone in a brand identity that separated Clear Globe from its competitors. The balance of simplicity of imagery – allied to recognition of complexity in the interlinked lines criss-crossing the globe – delivered an identity that Clear Globe Associates can aspire to and its clients can easily identify with.

Project financing is complex and demanding, and Clear Globe Associates required a website that acknowledges the intricate nature of global level financing, whilst making it easy for current and potential clients to engage with the simplicity that Clear Globe Associates promises to deliver. Damask Media identified the balance of complexity and clarity, simplicity and intricacy that makes the Clear Globe Associates website work so well.