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The acronyms of digital success - PPC and SEO

Pay Per Click or PPC is something we all recognise - the prominently displayed results at the top of every search engine’s response are PPC. If you’ve never considered whether this is right for your business, our PPC experts are on hand to help you work that out. Paying for a PPC slot is only half the exercise. PPC managers constantly adjust the bidding amount paid ‘per click’ on each individual key search term and if - as a result - the searcher clicks your advertisement, you pay the amount that was bid to the search engine hosting your bid.

Many businesses are terrified at the prospect of PPC marketing because they think it opens the floodgate to a haemorrhage of expenditure for no obvious return. That’s where our digital marketing experts walk you through PPC so that you understand exactly where the return on investment comes from. The big advantages of PPC are:

  • Almost instantaneous outcomes
  • Measurable impacts
  • Precision tweaking for pinpoint results.

The architecture of PPC

Our job is to get to know you and your customer, your competitors and the search engines they use so that we can build a PPC campaign that ensures you get the customer clicks that make your campaign worth every penny. That requires three key pillars:

Keywords - any fool can produce your keywords, but it takes a true expert to understand which keywords will result in the chosen action - conversion of visitor to customer. Our skilled team consider all the aspects of keyword use, searcher profiles and conversion to action to ensure that you get the best outcome possible from your PPC

Monitoring - the same skill team that determines the most effective keywords to convert visitors to buyers will also examine every stage of a PPC campaign to see if it can be streamlined, have increased volumes or would work better on a different platform. Nothing is ever so good that we can’t try to make it even better!

Landing pages - PPC is half the deal, the other half is you having landing pages that cause those clickers to become browsers and the browsers to become customers. That means optimising all your landing pages to entice visitors to stay and buy which is why our PPC wizards divide their time between overseeing your PPC keywords and constantly monitoring your landing pages to ensure they are perfectly poised to convert click throughs.

Keen to master PPC or uncertain your current PPC campaign is really delivering the goods? Call us on 0203 773 9137 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can bring our expertise to your pages

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