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The art of success - SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation but for our team it could just as easily be Simple, Elegant, Organised. Why? Because we specialise in SEO, the secret art that drives more online business success than any other.

Why SEO?

If you ran the best restaurant in town, you’d need people to know where to find you, right? No matter how good the food, if people can’t walk through the doors, you can’t serve them their food. So ...not having effective SEO is like staffing your restaurant, cooking your meals but forgetting to tell your diners that you’re open for business.

SEO is the ‘Open for Business’sign that every search engine recognises. And while it’s the subject of much debate (from ‘black hat’SEO to ‘long tail keywords’) it’s actually a natural, innate process that our digital marketing department have always found straightforward.

Keywords and algorithms

SEO runs on keywords which should fall naturally and comfortably into your communications. But because the search engines constantly update their algorithms to weed out dodgy business practice, your SEO keywords can’t stand still. Relevance (aka recency) and utility (the actual value of the information you provide) fit together with your keywords to affect your Search Engine ranking.

Part art, part science, our team spend their time establishing exactly which words your customers will type into a search engine and exactly what combination of words and content will cause that search engine to rank you above your competitors. Thats why we say Simple, Elegant, Organised is the nature of our work for you. We think about it, so you don’t have to.


One strange aspect of SEO is that you can’t always see who’s beating you. We have specialist advisers who delve into the arcane world of SEO to find out who your nearest online competitors are, and why they are succeeding ...then we build their findings into our strategic SEOdevelopment so that you slip past them.

Website architecture and SEO

Everything we do has SEO in mind. There’s no point having a swift, responsive, eye-catching website that doesn’t lead in SEO terms. And it’s equally silly to have an SEO rich website that clunks, has dead links and looks awful on mobile devices. We keep a clear focus on every part of your online profile, including the foundations of optimisation such as meta descriptions and links that ensure your website delivers on every possible level. together to really impress the search engines and bring you that all-important, relevant traffic. Sounds good? If you’d like the confidence that comes from having a perfectly optimised website, contact us on X or email Y so we can move you into the forefront of SEO.

Sounds good? If you’d like the confidence that comes from having a perfectly optimised website, Call us on 0203 773 9137 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can move you into the forefront of SEO.

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