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PPC for Accountants - Use PPC for tactical marketing, to attract new clients and bring them to the table

“PPC for Accountants – For many businesses operating in the online sphere, SEO is a marketing essential. At Creative Harmony we specialise in SEO for accountants, developing and implementing effective strategies to improve our clients’ rankings in search results and positioning them as an authority within their sector. Grow your organic traffic, increase visitors, leads and sales with our tailor-made SEO packages designed to deliver sustained business growth.

What is PPC?

PPC or pay per click marketing is an online model of advertising where companies pay each time a user clicks on their advert. Google Display Network and Google Adwords are the most prevalent platforms for this. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.

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Why is PPC marketing useful for accountancy firms?

For accounting firms, PPC is an effective and useful method of marketing because it ensures a leading online presence for key search term results. A good example of this is Branded campaigns – your brand can dominate the above the page fold space through using both PPC and SEO. These are also powerful ways of preserving and defending your brand online.
New clients can be attracted by other campaigns that use more generic keywords. Those that are searching for the products and services that you offer can be specifically targeted to individual locations. So, for example, if you have offices in Greater London and Glasgow, you can target audiences within five miles of these locations for specific campaigns, and the whole of the UK for other campaigns.
Additionally, remarketing that targets users who have searched for specific services or products on your site, but were not converted to clients, can be used. Professional marketers and their clients extensively acknowledge this technique’s efficiency.

The benefits of PPC for accountants

There are numerous advantages for your accountancy business to using PPC marketing. One of the key benefits is that it makes it simple to gather data, pilot ideas, and improve campaigns speedily – within just a few days. Adverts become visible almost immediately, so it is possible to measure the success of the copy, the keywords, and much more without spending additional funds.  

Secondly, you can tailor PPC adverts to very precise audiences and optimise them for several factors including time of day, location, delivery method, and more. This aids in driving qualified traffic to your website.

Thirdly, pa per click for accountants can be made flexible, supporting prospective clients regardless of the device they are using to search, by creating specific adverts with divergent calls to action for desktop and mobile users.

Finally, if your campaign isn’t working, you can pause it immediately. Similarly, if need to reduce your spending, whole campaigns, ad groups, or individual adverts can be placed on pause until you are ready to restart them. This adds to the convenience of managing your campaign trials and your budget.

PPC and performance

PPC is very straightforward to track and this makes it a favourite among marketers. Making use of Adwords and connecting it to Google Analytics provides superb insight into your campaign, keyword, and advert performance. It shows clearly how visitor conversion has been assisted or driven by activity. So, you can optimise your campaigns to drive the greatest number of leads and do so with the least possible spend.

Furthermore, KPIs are extremely clear and show where you have spent money and the return on that spend. When it comes to allocating a budget for the forthcoming year or reporting to senior staff, this is extremely useful.

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Enhanced marketing campaigns

There are additional benefits to making use of enhanced adverts for PPC for accounting businesses. Increasing the amount of space devoted to your company on search results, increasing brand awareness, and encouraging clicks are possible through various additions that can be made to adverts.  

One example of this is site links. Adding extra links leading to several related pages of your site, along with your telephone number, encourages calls. Featuring a ‘tap to call’ button on your mobile adverts, so users just need to tap a button on the advert to call you, also encourages calls. Review providers can add further enhancements by adding star ratings to your PPC adverts. Prospective customers can then see what your existing customers this of your services and products. Research shows that potential customers are more inclined to click if a good star rating is exhibited.

Accountancy PPC marketing from Creative Harmony

Creative Harmony is an expert at pay-per-click with extensive experience in using Google Display Network and Adwords. The team use their knowledge to build and refine your campaigns, delivering a sound return on investment. To drive new clients to your website and inspire existing customers to return we constantly monitor activity and report clearly on all actions and campaign results.

Our accountancy sector experience means we have an in-depth understanding of which keywords to target and to how to ensure that your adverts stand apart in a tremendously competitive market. We work closely with you to realise your objectives and ensure your business benefits from this extremely effective marketing channel.

To discuss any aspect of PPC for accountants, how it can benefit your company or to arrange a meeting call us today on 0203 773 9137.  

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