Social Media for Accountants

Remaining relevant on platforms your clients prefer

Social media now is a significant feature of your accounting company’s marketing and that you must not ignore. The use of social media feeds and platforms to encourage commerce and promote businesses has evolved and grown since 2010. Social media is an exceptionally valuable resource in your digital toolbox.

Why you need a Social Media Presence

The importance of having a presence on social media for accountancy companies wanting to increase their client base and maintain communication with their preferred demographic cannot be overstated. Social media is an integral part of the daily lives of your clients and potential clients; the ability to interact with the companies and brands that they follow is a basic expectation.

If you want to engage with clients to discover their needs, increase your audience reach, and develop online customer service, then you need a social media marketing campaign. Social media is also the perfect way to discover the actions of your competitors are doing; enabling you to stay ahead.

The rules of social engagement

Many companies are tempted to undertake social media as little more than another advertising channel; an additional way of getting your sales messages out there. However, this is a mistake. Social media requires a different approach and if you only deliver content that is purely focused on conversions, you will soon find yourself unliked or unfollowed.

Your content plan must have clear objectives. Ideally, these objectives should revolve around encouraging people to interact and share content rather than making sales. To fully benefit from social media, you need to use a combination of reactive content relating to current affairs and scheduled posts. Social media usage around the Super Bowl is the perfect example of this combination. Generally, a 20:80 ratio should be applied. Just 20% should be branded or sales lead content, while the remaining 80% should showcase stimulating and shareable content.

Responding quickly to messages you receive through social media is also advisable. When users make a complaint or comment through social media, they expect a rapid response. So, if your accountancy company plans to have an active social media presence, you need to have someone available daily to monitor any platforms you use.

Selecting your social platforms

Selecting your social media platforms needs to be done with care. Study your target audience to discover the channels that they use most often. For example, self-employed individuals and small business owners searching for accountancy services are likely to explore LinkedIn. Taking the time to explore competitor pages for thoughts and ideas on style, tone, and content is also beneficial.

Working within the limitations of your resources is another consideration. Managing social media is no small task. Limiting the channels that you use to those that can be managed by your team is essential. Managing one platform effectively is better than having three that are poorly managed. Employing an experienced digital marketing agency is a beneficial alternative.

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