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We offer comprehensive, custom print and digital brochure design services. Our expert creative team has the experience to produce visually appealing, results-driven brochures for any industry, at any time.

Why You Need A Brochure Designed By Professionals?

Firstly, our brochure design agency will save you time by handling everything from concept to printing. Avoid the hassle of DIY design apps and let our professionals manage the entire process for you.

With our services, you will get:

  • More Sales

  • Greater Awareness

  • Communicating Your Values

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Examples of Our Brochure Design Work Across Various Sectors

How to Design a Brochure - Our Process in a Nutshell


We work closely with you to develop a custom brochure design based on your requirements. We will discuss the format, content and graphic elements to ensure you get what you need. Then let’s have a chat about the marketing approach to create the best possible brochure for you.


Based on our discussions with you, the designers quickly produce a range of conceptual layouts. You then select which brochure design concept you prefer or begin again if none appeal. Once you have chosen, the designer refines this to create the ultimate business brochure for you.


Using the brochure design concept you prefer, our team will add the required visual elements and text. The seamless integration of words and images ensures a dynamic and memorable brochure campaign. This brings together everything you want into a stunning brochure that will resonate with your audience.


We supply various digital formats of your company brochure and print copies where requested. Then our expert marketers help you create a strategy to engage new and existing clients. Once this project is finished, it is not over. We will provide ongoing support to help your company meet its goals.

Case studies guide

We have had the pleasure of working with a diverse pool of clients. Our clients chose us because they wanted to partner with an agency that had an excellent track record of creating professional brochures that would promote their services or offerings.

The case studies guide highlights how our brochure designers were able to identify the client's target audience as well as establish marketing objectives. It also gives an insight into our work ethics and ethos and how we deal with challenges.

Why You Might Need A Hardworking Brochure

There’s a reason why traditional paper brochures have survived the digital revolution. They work. We believe the structure of a brochure should be clear, concise, and easy to follow. They give people a chance to find out more about what kind of business you are. As a leading brochure design company we know how to create brochures, we also know that brochures are only effective if they are:

Properly targeted

Beautifully designed

Brilliantly written.

Trust your next brochure project to Creative Harmony and you’ll get all three, delivered by an experienced team at a successful brochure design agency.

We Are Leading Brochure Design Experts

Creative Harmony offers custom full-service print and digital brochure design services. Our expert creative team has the experience to produce an attractive result-driven brochure for any industry, anytime. A professionally designed brochure delivers your message to potential clients in a visually appealing way that leaves a lasting impression – making it one of the best marketing investments you could ever make for your business. Contact us today to discuss your business brochure design.

How We Ensure Your Brochure Design Will Stand Out

1. Targeted

To appeal to your target audience, your brochure needs to engage and be relevant from cover to cover. And it needs to clearly show the reader what action they need to take after reading it.

2. Beautiful

From covers that catch the eye to inside spreads that guide the reader on a journey, a Creative Harmony brochure is designed to communicate with clarity. And it will look and feel a natural part of your brand’s marketing mix

3. Well Written Content

Every word has to earn its place on the pages of your brochure. We’ll ensure you get the messaging you want in a style that appeals to your target audience.

Advantages of Using a Professional Brochure Design Agency

Whether you want to mail-out a brochure to customers, or have them pick-up one from a display stand, a print brochure gives your audience something they can hold in their hands that really conveys the quality of your business.

Either way, you can rely on our team of professional brochure designers to recommend the type of brochure that works best for your brief. Selecting from a variety of folds and formats to help you achieve stand-out.

After you've briefed us, you can leave all the technical specs, design, writing, proofreading, and printing to us. Of course, you can be involved in the production process as little or as much as you want to be.

Once you give us the go-ahead, we'll deliver a brochure with visuals and messaging that'll engage and inspire your audience. The finished result will be something you'll be proud to see carrying your company logo.

What Our Clients Say

Why Choose Us?

Its was a great pleasure to be working …

Its was a great pleasure to be working with Creative Harmony once again, but this time the team designed our first company brochure

The team at Creative Harmony have always been at hand to deal with my enquiries, I highly recommend you give them a chance for your next propject.

FIVE START RATING without fail..

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Published Friday, July 24, 2020

Brochure Design – Couldn’t have been better!

I contacted Creative Harmony to design two brochures for my company, Cardea Healthcare. The reason I chose Creative Harmony because their responses during the query stages were prompt and gave me confidence in their dedication to my request. I was definitely right to go with them, the design has been wonderful, I have been included through every part of the process and the team have been responsive and professional throughout. Would undoubtedly use them again for anything else I need.

Star 1
Star 2
Star 3
Star 4
Star 5
Published Monday, May 6, 2020
Karen Neil

Creative Harmony did an outstandingly good job for my company brochure…

They listened really carefully when I told them what sort of things I like and don’t like in terms of graphic style and images. They listened when I told them about what sort of company I had and what kind of image I wanted to project. They made the effort to really understand what I was looking for and then they had the confidence and skill to give me a choice of designs that matched. They were very responsive to my review comments and I was delighted with the overall result. When it came to printing the brochures, they took care to get me the best quality.
Star 1
Star 2
Star 3
Star 4
Star 5
Published 20 May 2019
Brendan O’Brien

How do you achieve brochure design that will truly impress your customers and generate sales? Working with a brochure design agency will make the difference in reaching these goals. Therefore, here are some of the things our brochure designers can offer.

Knowledge of the Market

Expert designers understand the current market for booklet design. Firstly, they know existing trends to maximise your impact. Secondly, they understand which colours work in harmony together. Thirdly, they even know their shapes and sizes to give you plenty of choice. Furthermore, the role of your creative designer is to ensure you have a well-conceived product. One that will engage your customers and lead to direct sales.

Full Service

If you have considered using online templates for your brochure, you will know how many elements there are. There is text to write, sizes to choose, fonts, colours, photo placement. Even just ensuring that everything fits and is readable is similarly a job in itself. Brochure templates do not do any of this for you. This is the service you get from a design business – a stunning brochure delivered to you on time.

Attracting Clients

The job of a brochure designer is not just to make it look pretty. It is for instance, to attract your clients and show them your range of products and services. This leads directly to sales both now and in the future as a document that customers hold on to. A paper brochure is a physical and personal connection with your client. The better conceived this product and the more bespoke, the more it will appeal.

Generating sales is possible in different ways, but your business brochure is a perfect way to achieve this. In conclusion, with our professional designers on board, you can make the most of this opportunity. Moreover, a graphic design brochure will help to impress your customers and generate sales. For your next company brochure design come straight to the experts!

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get started we answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

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We’ve put together tips from some of the top experts in brochure design that will take your design from intermediate to impressive. Read all about it here.

We’ve put together tips from some of the top experts in brochure design that will take your design from intermediate to impressive. Read all about it here.


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