Websites for Accountants

Your first interaction with potential new clients is frequently your business website. Getting it right is essential.

At Creative Harmony, our experienced and skilled website developers and designers create clean, professional websites specifically for accountancy firms and accountants that can help with conversion.

Web Design and Core Functionality

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is a significant requirement and the continual growth of tablet and mobile usage will only see the importance of this requirement increase. A responsive website is easy to navigate across all platforms, changing seamlessly to suit the user’s screen size. Creative Harmony designs websites for accounting businesses, integrating responsive design that is effective and looks great on all devices.

Micro pages for each office location

We will use micro pages for each of your office locations to aid potential clients in finding you easily. This enhances your business’ Google Local listings and enables you to feature specific services that are offered at diverse locations.

Synchronised social media

Active on social media? At Creative Harmony we match your website with your social media feeds and accounts, allowing your clients to receive all relevant updates while browsing your company’s content. We will integrate your social media feeds using the various API’s available and make sure the are synchronised with your website.

Full CMS functionality

The ability to amend and add to your website as needed is essential. We incorporate a content management system (CMS) into your website to give you control over your webpages and allow you to easily make any changes as necessary. This means no more waiting for agency SLAs.


Your specific brand is a vital element of your accountancy business and at Creative Harmony, we work alongside you to deliver a professional and striking website design that is onboard with your messaging and brand guidelines. Depending on your needs we can use royalty free images throughout your website or appropriately combine them with high-quality images that you provide.

Customer experience

Our customer always comes first and staying up to date with industry best practice is a vital part of this. We Design & Build Beautiful User Interfaces & Experiences to enable your clients to navigate your website with ease, we employ the most intuitive layouts.

Search facility on each page

Having a search facility on every page of your site is vitally important. It allows your clients to use search whenever needed, without needing to leave the page they are exploring. At Creative Harmony, this function is included in all our websites to enhance user experience and improve your ability to meet the needs of your clients.

Blog functionality

By incorporating a fully set up blog into your website, we can support the regular posting of relevant accountancy news. We can supply you with content if you don’t have anyone in-house that is able to run your blog.

Optimised for Accountancy Digital Marketing

Marketing focused

We believe that the foundation of your marketing activity is your business website; your results may be negatively affected if you don’t have a strong site. You can be assured that when you work with Creative Harmony, you will have a optimised platform that achieves very highest standards.

SEO Architecture research

Key to the performance of your website and creating a positive user experience is the architecture of your accountancy website. Our website developers and designers and our SEO experts work together to ensure that your website’s structure is intuitive and SEO friendly for your potential clients.

Foundation SEO

Elementary SEO elements are incorporated into your website during the build. These ensure that your website has the greatest chance of gaining visibility and succeeding after launch. For optimum exposure on search engines we include meta data, create sitemaps, check the robots.txt files, and much more.

Leads & Enquiry Conversions

Developed for lead generation

“Lead generation” is the process of creating awareness with your target audience members through content. Big differences can be made to conversion rates by making simple, small changes to different elements of a webpage. By employing best practices when inserting your accountancy website’s calls to action and employing tried and tested colours and wording we can optimise your lead generation.

Live chat functionality

Live chat is an established technique for increasing conversions. If you require this functionality and we can install it on your website.

Whitepaper download functionality

Whitepapers establish your business as an authority in your sector. You can provide greater value to your users by enabling them to download whitepapers and other resources.

Accounting software integration

Our developers are able to integrate your site with Portal and Cloud accounting software. We can ring fence your clients within your own site, which adds value for them and helps you to increase loyalty to your business.

Bespoke enquiry forms

How do you want your clients to contact you? By consulting with you and creating tailored enquiry forms we support you in dealing with queries efficiently and quickly while assembling the data that you need to communicate with prospective and existing clients.  All enquiries are securely stored in a database in the backend of the website.

Responsive telephone numbers

Responsive telephone numbers are essential for effective call tracking. We can work to incorporate these into your website.

Tap to call feature

Enable mobile users to make enquiries at the touch of a button through a tap to call feature. Increase your conversion rate with this useful and popular tool for potential clients browsing on smartphones.

Google Analytics implementation

Our implementation and analysis will ensure you have a strategy that allows you to understand and improve on your website’s customer journey. The tracked data will give you meaningful insight into your customers.

Web Performance, Maintenance and KPI Reporting

Synced with performance and analytics tools

By including the required code to link your website to Google Search Console and Google Analytics we make it easier to monitor your accountancy website smoothly from launch and determine KPI’s .

Multi-platform and multi-browser testing

Testing is a vital element of website release. We ensure your website is tested across multiple browsers and platforms before it is launched. We ensure that functionality and design are constant across recent browsers and devices, in accordance with best practices.

Secured servers and regular maintenance

Our websites for accountancy businesses are hosted on secure servers to ensure constant high performance & good site speed. Not hosting your website in a poor IP ‘neighbourhood’ is important for its credibility. Being hosted on a maintained, secure server aids in retaining site authority.

Reporting and goal tracking

We can set up your Google Analytics dashboards, create reports, and include goal tracking prior to the launch of your website so that everything is ready before you go live.

Let Creative Harmony Build a Professional Accountancy Website for your Firm that will Help with Conversion

Creative Harmony has the technical knowledge and fundamental marketing experience needed for building professional accountancy websites. The development framework and code of your accountancy website is just as significant as the visual design. We only use tried and tested methods at Creative Harmony. We understand what works, converts, and delivers clients. Let us demonstrate to you what we can do for your accountancy practice by contacting Creative Harmony today for a Free No Obligation Quote on 0203 773 9137.

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