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6 Powerful Brochure Design Ideas to Suit Your Business Area Perfectly

There are millions of different brochure design ideas out there in the world. How do you decide which company brochure design is going to best suit your business? Different companies have different needs, and this is likely to depend on two aspects. Firstly, it is the type of items you sell, and taking that into consideration for brochure ideas. Secondly is the budget your organisation is willing to spend on your booklet or business catalogue.

Selling Cheaper Items

If you sell lower value items, then you may be looking for a business catalogue rather than a brochure. This shows more products, but in less detail. This should be engaging and contemporary, appealing to a wide range of customers. Yet primarily, it must still be an attractive design.

Brochure Ideas for Selling Expensive Items

If you sell more costly items, then customers will expect a higher quality product. Your brochure should reflect this, so choose an elegant and vibrantdesign. Focus on a more limited range of products and highlight both the higher and lower end of cost. Clientswill expect a certain standard and your pamphlet or brochure should meet this.

Brochure Ideas for Selling Luxury Items

Luxury items quite simply need a luxury brochure. The expectations from customers are high. If possible, there should be an element of the pamphlet that is truly special. This element will be the aspect that wows your customers and sets your offering as unique. Just one aspect like this could encourage a client to make a further enquiry or a visit.

Brochure Design for Selling Services

If you are selling services, then your booklet should briefly cover what you offer. You can go into more detail about individual aspects if you wish, on separate pages. There should be appropriate pictures that relate to the service. Some of these could be stock photos if that works for you. Offering services are quite different to physical goods. Be sure to make a focus of each service’s key benefits to enhance the content.

Online vs. Print Brochure

The obvious benefit to an online brochure is the cost saving made, compared to a printed version. Additionally, you can edit an online brochure as things change. If you notice an issue, a cost has changed or there is a new product line, no problem. On the other hand, a paper brochure is still appreciated by many people. A physical reminder of your company.

The Bottom Line

It is likely that you have set a budget for your business catalogue or company brochure. Now you can take this in several directions with different brochure design ideas. You will have a certain amount for the design and quality of the item itself. Then you will have the number of brochures that you need. Hence you can compromise across these two aspects, but it may depend upon your priorities.

Finding brochure design ideas for your organisation might be easy. However, making them into a coherent booklet may be more of a challenge. A company brochure Design that fits with your type of company will make an effective marketing solution. Creative Harmony is here to support you with stunning brochure design whatever your business type. Our expert staff are fully committed to creating the best possible brochure to meet your needs.

Creative Harmony offers a wide range of print and media brochure service to meet your needs. Our professional designers go above and beyond to tick all your boxes. With personalised service and bespoke design, we have the expertise to complete your project.

Contact us today to discuss your project or in detail and see how we can help with your brochure design ideas. Above all we put you firmly in control of your own brochure to get the best results possible.

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