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How to Create a Gorgeous Business Brochure Design for Your Organisation in 3 Reasonable Steps

When you are putting together a business brochure, you no doubt have a few things in mind. You want it to be relevant and informative but mainly, you want it to showcase your organisation. It should be a mouthpiece to show the world exactly what you stand for and what you do. How can you reflect this in your brochure? Well it all starts with the business brochure design. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Business Brochure Design – In the Look

The look of the brochure you choose is vital to showcase your organisation best. Different themes suit different types of businesses best. For example, the great outdoors and connecting with nature can be a good theme for some businesses. The city can be a great backdrop to some kinds of organisations that suit a more urban scene. Equally you might choose to go for a colourful or classic backdrop which is more muted. There is plenty of choice, but the look is important. Add to this photographs, fonts and texts that speak for your business booklet.

Creating the look to make your catalogue shine will be an important step to impressing your customers. Making it memorable is the difference between your brochure staying put or going in the recycling bin.

Business Brochure Design – In the Content

While the first look can capture your clients, it will be the content that keeps them reading. Ensure your brochure content is top notch, clean and slick. This includes both the writing and the images and photographs. Your writing should be a mixture of impressive headlines and chunks of detail. These should be easy to read and understand yet include some rich detail. You may showcase a couple of products and services or many, it is whatever works for you.

Brochures can be long, but even if it goes over many pages, consider the content on every page. The last page should look and read as well as the front page. Every page should have your corporate identity as part of the overall content.

Business Brochure Design – In the Shape and Size

Whatever you decide to do with your business brochure design, consider a different format. You can choose a plain A5 or A4 brochure, or these days there are many innovative options. Have a look and discover the possibilities. Depending on the type of organisation, your feature might be a unique shape or size. Doing something a little bit different will make your business stand out. For the best brochure that showcases your organisation, this may be a feature to consider. Make the most of your product and get what you need from it.

There are definitely a range of ways in which a business brochure showcases an organisation. This depends though on the look and content matched to the company itself. Creative Harmony have worked with organisations of many different types. We understand how important your booklet is to your marketing plan. We know the ways to work with you and moreover, how best to showcase your organisation.

With the right options and a unique twist, your brochure can be a boost for your organisation. Get an expert touch with Creative Harmony’s business brochure design service. Flawless results that stand out to your customers. We understand it is not about the pretty pictures, but the positive messages that are memorable to your customers. That is what will influence them and have them picking up your brochure several times.

Call us to see how Creative Harmony can help build your corporate branding and key messages in your business brochure. Our professional brochure designers are ready to work with you today.

You can see relevant examples of our work Healthcare Company Brochure Design and Manufacturing Brochure Design.

Brochure Design Services

Creative Harmony offers custom full-service print and digital brochure design services. Our expert creative team has the experience to produce an attractive result-driven brochure for any industry, anytime. A professionally designed brochure delivers your message to potential clients in a visually appealing way that leaves a lasting impression – making it one of the best marketing investments you could ever make for your business. Click here to find out more.

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  • More Sales
  • Greater Awareness
  • Communicating Your Values

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