So, your website isn’t converting customers into leads and you’re not sure where you’re going wrong? The chances are, a few small changes could make a big different and before long you’ll be seeing an increase in leads and sales. Often, business owners think they can create a website and in no time they’ll have customers left, right and centre; but this is rarely the case. This is when many business owners get discouraged and give up on their website as a marketing tool. However, those who embrace the opportunity to make changes to the website will see just how useful a successful website can be. So, how do you turn a website into an online sales tool? Below are 5 easy steps on How to Convert Customers into Leads. Start by avoiding these mistakes.

Don’t Let Your Ego Get The Best Of You

It’s time to care less about yourself and more about your customers, because that’s what they’re doing. Customers do not care how great you are, they care about whether or not you can improve their lives and solve their problem. So, use call-to-action commands and action words to grab their attention; make them see that you are the change they’re looking for. If you do want to highlight your strengths and just how great you are as a business, do so on the About Us page. Elsewhere on the website the focus should be on providing visitors with the solution they are looking for and doing so in a way that makes them want to contact you, or to buy your product.

Don’t Avoid Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free to use, so there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t be using it to your advantage. Many successful businesses will spend hours a week looking through the information that Google Analytics provides, and using this information to better the business. In fact, a lot of the information gathered by Google Analytics is useful for other areas of marketing. It tracks the number of visitors the site has, what search terms lead people to the site, gives information on the type of person who’s looking at the site and how they are accessing it; all of this information can be used to see which pages are popular. Then, this is where you should focus your call-to-action commands and customer encouragements.

Don’t Use Boring Website Content

Nobody wants to visit a website that’s packed with boring content, so try your hardest to make it interesting. Think about what would make you read a piece of content and inject some of that into your own; show your passion, provide facts and ensure it’s easy to read. By writing content that’s aimed at your specific audience and is enjoyable to read, visitors will spend longer on the website. This is key if you’re hoping they make a purchase or make contact at the end.

Don’t Ignore Google’s Rules and Algorithms

We all know that Google is a key part of any website’s online success, so make sure you play by the rooms. Tricking Google and using bad practices in SEO can see your website lose traffic, leads and customers. Instead, do what Google likes and make sure your website is one that Google favours. This can be done by updating content regularly, making it mobile-friendly and fixing any broken links and errors. Playing by Google’s rules pays off with more traffic and more leads, both of which increase your chances of gaining more customers.

Don’t Forget To Lead Buyers Through The Buying Process

Not all visitors to a website are ready to buy immediately, so it’s important that you guide them through the process of browsing to buying. As buyers have a lot of information at their fingertips, nothing stops them from heading over to your competitors. So, ensure your website provides them with all the information they need to stop them going elsewhere. Then, when all of their questions have been answered, your action language and call-to-action commands can lead them to the buying process. This turns a lead into a customer.

Though converting visitors and leads into paying customers may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be if you put the effort in. Put yourself in the shoes of your leads and think about what makes them tick. Once you know what type of website and information they are looking for, you can make changes to your website accordingly.

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