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When you begin to look for a design agency there are many factors to consider. Perhaps you are interested in their expertise and knowledge base. You might want to ensure that they can cover all the design elements you require. Maybe your first concern is about price. Well, there might be other factors you have not considered at all. When you work with a design agency, do you really know who is doing the work? Here are some things to think about when working with a design agency for the first time.

Where in the World

Often a design agency will have a small core team. There will be times of the year when they have peaks in the work. Equally they might, on a more regular basis, need more support. Taking on new members of staff is a costly business and so often a design agency will pick up gig workers. These people do not work in the main team. They will complete a piece of work for a set fee. They might regularly work with one agency balancing their time or they might just work as a one-off. Although you will likely only deal with the agency direct, using gig workers can add extra time and layers to getting your job done. It is reasonable to ask an agency if their team is all in-house or they use gig workers. Where your creative designer works from may matter to you and your job.

Recommendations From Real Customers

So often you search for a business or service online and end up trawling through many websites. A lot of these look great, but what do you know about the business underneath? Well, finding one that is willing to share customer feedback is rare. Look at the reviews in Google and see what their own customers have to say about them. See whether there are testimonials on their website. Go further and ask to see examples of work they have done for some of their customers. A great agency with branding design elements will not shy away from this. If their specialism is as a marketing agency, then their work should speak for itself. Choose to connect with a real customer in some way. Any design agency which seeks to avoid this is not likely to have lots of happy customers.

Professionalism is Key

When working with a design agency, you should be given the impression that professionalism is a skill they value. They should treat you with respect, giving key dates and setting out expectations. You should have the opportunity to ask a range of questions and get full answers. Working with a design agency that delivers what it promises is so important. The aim of such an agency is to help your business to thrive by delivering a high standard of work. You need to feel sure that the agency will deliver this. You should feel able to question and understand what they will do for you. Set parameters and costs in advance as well as a timeline of delivery. This is the least you can expect from a professional organisation. Working with an agency that demonstrates professionalism and lives up to expectations will ensure you have a positive experience.Experienced Staff with Real Expertise

It is so important that the agency staff you work with have expertise and a skill for the work. Take the example of a web design agency that you have asked to create a website. The staff member building your site must understand the complexities of building the site. However, they must also take your ideas and turn these into the site you need. As a customer, you should be able to speak directly to your designer about your idea. They should then build your idea and make a range of suggestions for you to choose from. They should additionally offer their own knowledge and expertise to develop what you are asking for. By matching your requirements with their knowledge, your designer should be able to create a stunning product. Whether it is branding, marketing, brochures or a website you should get a great product for your needs.

Finding a new design agency can feel like a minefield. At Creative Harmony we have ironed out all the potential pitfalls to create an agency that works for you. We are a London design agency, perfectly placed to meet the needs of the whole UK and beyond. Our dedicated and hardworking team are all sited in our London office. This brings a level of expertise you can see and understand. It also means that you can speak to the team as and when it suits you. We work for you and our only goal is to offer you exceptional quality and service. Our client satisfaction is the number one priority of every member of the team. We all understand that design work needs to fulfil a vital purpose and is an investment in your business.

Talk to our team about your goals today. We can help you to develop a plan of work that works for you. Whatever your needs, be they just one brochure or a whole rebrand, we have the skills to deliver. We can work with your budget and listen to both your requirements and any concerns. We want to help you achieve your goal whatever you aspire to. Whether your goal is to build sales or drive customers to your business (or both!) we can help. Our expertise in this area will bring a boost into the heart of your business.

Creative Harmony’s London based team are uniquely placed to support your project. Our wide range of clients trust our professional staff to deliver on their promises. We treat you as an individual and listen to your needs. Give us the opportunity to help you invest in your business and build a creative plan that you can be proud of. Contact our team today to discuss your project and let us work with you to bring it to life.

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