Design for print – mastering sales through print

It’s impossible to overestimate the role of printed materials in selling your business. Despite the claim that ‘everything happens online’ and that we’ve moved into the age of ‘paperless living’ every single one of us deals with printed literature every day, and it influences us much more than we realise.

The vital role of printed marketing material begins with the visual appeal. Each mail-shot that lands on a desk is a personal introduction, bringing you and your potential clients together. Every sales leaflet or brochure showcases what you have to offer. Each newsletter and product catalogue reminds your audience who you are, and what you have to offer. From the very first encounter to the long-established relationship, print design is the most immediate, most persuasive and most long-lived tool you’ll ever use to win business.

Print design – the secrets

Print design should run seamlessly through all your materials from brochures and catalogues to newsletters, mail-shots, business cards and those weird and wonderful one-off projects like Christmas cards and ‘change of address’ postcards. Working with a graphic design experts who can translate your objectives into visual, print media means that you get a solution that works for you.

Print design needs to be creative, imaginative and above all – focused. The best graphic design in the world is no good if it doesn’t achieve your aims.

Design for Print – the secrets of material choice

So you know how your print design should look – but how should it feel? We don’t just give you visuals and leave the rest to you, we walk you through the whole process of selecting materials so that your print product looks and feels exactly as you’d wish – and that walk takes in the whole range of materials, not just one or two pricey options that might not be perfect for your business. We’re proud to ensure you get the stock that works best for you, your budget and your customers.

Print design technology – the devil in the details

The fine detail of print production is called specifying. It’s an art. Graphic designers who will handle this part of the process make it simple for their clients to get exactly what they want, at a price they can afford. We commit to seeing our print design processes all the way through, from first concept to final print product, so that our clients don’t have to fight with printers to get their all important printed materials to look as they should.

We also recommend suppliers we know you can trust, from lithographic printers to digital presses and every possible kind of special finish provider. Not only that, we know that getting your perfect print work to your customer can be a chore, so we have mailing specialists who can send out your print materials for you, so you only get to deal with the fun bit – the results!

Graphic design that cuts the mustard

We are a Creative Graphic Design Agency from London who strive at every turn to produce stunning designs for our clients that serve their target audience. For us it’s not just about creating something that looks stunning. It’s about really understanding what will catch the attention of your target audience and make them act in a certain way.

From brand-building marketing materials and award winning singular brochures, to sophisticated digital content and eye-catching ads — we’re the go-to London agency for all your graphic design needs.

So whatever your graphic design needs are, talk to us. We pride ourselves on close and collaborative client relationships. We want you to feel totally involved in the design process and receive exactly the work you’ve been seeking. Or if you prefer a hands-off approach, our crack team of designers can take a brief, disappear, and return with a bounty of A-level samples.

We’re all about mouthwatering designs focused on effectiveness. Try us once and you’ll work with us for life.

Keen to become a digital brand? Call us on 0203 773 9137 or email so we can help you become the business you deserve to be.

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