Blogging in 2018 can still bring your business considerable rewards. While not new, it remains one of the most effective ways to attract new website visitors, improve a site’s Google ranking and increase sales.

Original content draws attention and blogs can be designed to reach out to the reader, engaging them far more directly than any other content on your website. They allow you to speak directly to your reader and offer them something of value as a reward if they read your post.

So a blog can attract new readers, but how does blogging help make you more visible in search engine results pages?

Google Ranking

One big factor in deciding where your website appears in Google’s rankings is called your domain and page ‘authority’. This authority is largely built from other websites linking to your page and website acting as ‘votes’ telling Google it has something worthwhile to its users on it.

Gain Good Quality Links Through Social Media Shares

People don’t share product or about pages, they do however share blogs they feel will entertain or help their friends. As long as they are genuine, social media shares of your blog will be noted by Google and every other search engine as a sign your website should be promoted above others.

Some of the most popular blogs are either tips designed to help the reader achieve a goal or news related content. Be careful if you are blogging for yourself about chasing a high number of shares above all else as writing on controversial topics can bring you shares but may damage your brand. Do some research on Google Adword Planner as to what people are searching for when they enter terms related to your business.

Answer A Question

Google works to please its users and when people use Google, they are looking for a solution to their search. If a user stops looking after they have found your website, it will recommend your site to others with similar queries.

As you answer people’s questions, you will begin to build a presence online. This can be crucial in convincing somebody that you are to be trusted as a seller.

Build Your Brand

People need a certain amount of interactions with a brand or company before they will trust them enough to buy from them. Large companies get this through adverts on TV or a department store on a high street. If you are a smaller outfit however you can do this by blogging.

Small companies use blogging to level the playing field whilst large companies use blogging to appear more personal.

Blogs can play a role in introducing prospect customers to what you are selling. It is important you think about where they have come from and how much they know about the subject.

Be Aware Of Where Your Blog Falls In Your Sales Funnel

Not everyone who comes to your website knows they want to buy what you are offering. Some need convincing they have a need for your product, others just that your product is better than its competitors.

Professional bloggers have a buyer’s persona in mind when they write and know how to target a specific audience. They research what your customers are interested in and work to provide good quality content that attracts them. Don’t make the mistake of pushing too hard for a sale without giving the reader something for free.

In-Direct Sales

While your objective may be to sell, it is important your blog does not come off as a sales document. It must offer the reader some value for free.

Your blog is the perfect vehicle to position yourself as a helpful expert in your field. Becoming the go-to option for advice will naturally lead to your company coming to mind when they want to buy. Success isn’t always overnight but the good news is that your blog will keep working for you long after it is written.

It can still be daunting to stare at a blank page before you get started but with little real risk, blogging is something most businesses can benefit from.

Reasons People Still Fail To Blog

Despite the benefits of blogging having been proved, many people still put off writing. The reasons given are varied but most however fail to blog because they view it as taking up too much time or being too much effort. There is no reason however why you can’t hire someone to do the writing for you, the return on investment professional writers provide is still amongst the highest you will find within the online marketing field.

So, the final advice we can give you is to make sure you reach out to your audience.

Post Regularly And Encourage Comments

Not only does Google like fresh content but blogging regularly helps build an audience. Encourage people to interact with your blog and make sure to publicise a new post on all your social media.

“How to start your business blog in 2018. Tips on starting and growing your business blog.”

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