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Cost of Brochure Design: A Stunning Guide to Paper and Finishes to Ease the Price of Brochure Design in 3 Simplified Steps

When you are considering the price for brochure design, you need to think about what goes into it. There are multiple elements of costs and different levels within this. For example, different paper types will involve different price points. There are probably many things you have not even considered. Here are some tips to help you with pricing brochure design.

A Guide to Paper and how it affects the cost of brochure design

When you are considering which paper to use for your brochure, you are likely spoiled for choice. Paper for brochures come in many different types and here are a few things to consider. Do you want matt paper like a book or shiny paper like a magazine? You can even choose many grades of paper in the middle of this scale.

You can take advice from your brochure designer as to what best fits your needs. However, there will be multiple options. GSM is an important factor in paper. Most copier paper is around 80GSM so thicker and higher quality versions will have a higher number. You can get coloured paper but your designer will create a full colour print for the best quality brochure. Good quality paper is more expensive, but it will produce a positive result.

A Guide to Finishes and how it affects the cost of brochure design

The finish you choose to have for your brochure will very much depend on its purpose. Is it a catalogue which could have anything from a thin paper to a glossy cover? Perhaps it is an annual report booklet which needs to impress the shareholders so warrants a thick, expensive cover. It is showcasing your services to potential investors which might warrant a pocket for a business card.

The finish of your brochure is going to affect the perception of people you give it to. If it is a weekly booklet you give to your shop customers, this will warrant something different to your annual Christmas catalogue. The price for brochure design will increase with a high-quality cover, but it is an area that has impact as first impressions count.

Other Factors that affect the cost of brochure design

There are many other factors to consider when considering the cost of brochure design. Some of these are physical factors such as quality inks, the size and shape of your brochure. Others are simply the length of your pamphlet as extra pages add to brochure costs. The quantity of brochures you choose to have will also affect your overall total. If you only want 20, that is going to be a lot less money than 20,000 brochures.

Yet, there are some brochure design prices that are fixed. One of these is the brochure design itself. Once it is fully created, that is the end of those costs and they are quite separate to the print cost. The more complicated and long the brochure, the longer it will take to design. You can economise with a simpler or shorter brochure, but this might not be appropriate to your needs.

Creative Harmony can help you work out the best price for brochure design based on your requirements. We want to deliver the best possible brochure within your budget. You can rely on us for professional service that revolves around your marketing needs. We understand the important message your brochure must convey and that you are making a significant financial commitment.

Our expert designers know your brochure is an outward facing vision of your business. It must get across your corporate branding and make the most of your products and services. We understand the key relevance of your brochure to an overall marketing strategy.

Call Creative Harmony today to gain all these benefits from our services and more. Work with professional London based designers offering a fully inclusive bespoke service.

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Professional Brochure Design

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