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How Do I Choose a Design Agency?

A design agency is quite a wide term for a place that offers a distinct range of products and services. It may seem at first like an agency is not the right place for you. However, it is likely to offer the service you need. Understanding the different services available allows you to see the range of what is possible. By breaking this down, you can discover how to get professional support with different aspects of your business.

Define Your Needs

The most important thing in considering a design agency is deciding what you need from one. Do you need a complete review of everything you offer? Or are you looking for one specific service such as innovative brochure design? Working with a design agency is an investment in your own business. It is a cost that must provide you with a direct benefit. Consider your specific needs in this and ensure the agency you want to work with is able to provide this. If your main focus is on a brochure yet this is not an obvious service, they may not be able to help you. By defining your needs before you look for a design agency, you go into the process in a good position. You can ensure you get what you want rather than being potentially oversold what you do not need.

Identify Key Services

Once you know what you need, then you need to identify the key services a design agency offers. If you need multiple services, then you can find an agency that offers these specific services. If you are working with a design agency for the first time, then you want to do some research. Most design agencies offer a web design component, so their own website is a good place to start. Is their website engaging and does it explain their key services well? You want to know what they can do for you and how they can work well for you. Their website is a way to do this. Equally if you cannot get the information from their website then do call and ask. If you are impressed by what they say, this could be a positive choice.

Group Expertise

You want to choose a design agency that will meet your needs and offer the key services you want. Moreover though, you want to choose an agency which has expertise in the services you want. Look for an expert designer in your area. This could be marketing, branding or graphic design. One way to discover this is to ask for samples of the products or services you require. This could be as simple as business card examples on their website. Equally it might be that they send you some website examples they have created for their clients. Try to get a feel for the size of the organisation. Consider whether you would be dealing with one specific person or many. This might have an impact on who you choose to work with.

Location, Location

Think about where your design agency is located. Many agencies in the UK may be quite different to what you are expecting. You might think you are working with a London design agency, but the designers might be elsewhere. Many businesses use the gig economy to complete their work. So, you tell the agency what you want, and they get someone to do the work. This someone might work for them regularly, occasionally or it could be the first time. It does not mean that this someone is not an expert but it just might not be what you were expecting. If you work with a London design agency, in reality you probably expert them to work at the agency and be in London. Ask these questions in advance and just make sure that what they are offering is what you expect.

A Genuine Interest

Look for a design agency that takes a genuine interest in your business. Do they reply to your emails and return your calls? Are they willing to discuss how they might approach your work? Find a design agency that shows they want to work with you. There is nothing more frustrating than committing to work with an organisation and then feeling unimportant to them. Ensure that the design agency you pick will meet your expectations.

Even if you are not in a rush, you do want to feel they value your custom. Speak to them via email or phone and get a feel for how they treat you. Your needs and requirements should be a priority for them. Every successful business knows how to treat customers properly. Get a feel for their genuine interest in you.

With Creative Harmony, we understand that it can be hard to pick a design agency to work with. For us, our blend of experience and knowledge will support your design project whatever you want to achieve. We understand how to help you build your customer base, considering both loyal and new customers. Our expert designers have the know-how to translate this into sales of your products and services by making them shine. We offer excellent services and understand you might have a set cost in mind to work around. Out team is all based in London, and we understand the market. Every one of us takes a genuine interest in our clients for the best possible results.

Call our team today to talk through the options. You can also take a look across the website to get a snapshot of what we offer. We are proud of the services we offer to you and are very happy to share this. Whether you know what you want or would like to discuss the options, chat to us. Your needs are our priority, and we cannot wait to speak to you.

We want to be your first choice for bespoke design. At Creative Harmony we know that your business is your world. Let us work with you to make this the best it can be. We look forward to hearing how we can support you on your next project.

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The more information you can tell us about your project, the better. Everything you send over helps us to understand what you need and what you’re looking to achieve.

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