Logo design has undergone a major evolution in the past five years, and for many businesses it’s been a vital part of their growth strategy. The key feature of logo re-design has been simplicity – and for many organisations that haven’t tackled this area, the reasoning behind the change may not be clear.

Logo simplification – the business reasons

  • Communication – the simpler a logo, the easier it is to remember, and memorable brands become leaders.
  • Speed – people have less and less time to decide on anything. The Golden Arches of a McDonald’s are instantly recognisable, which is why people who have little time to decide will end up in that fast food diner. It might not be the best, it might not even by their preferred venue, but if they can spot it from half a mile away, the decision is already made.
  • Reproduction – as more people search online on mobile devices, a logo that can be rendered accurately at a very small scale is vital. The simpler and bolder the logo, the more likely it is to show up well however small the device.
  • Responsiveness – brands engage more and more with their customers. Building these relationships is vital to brand identity and a logo evolution suggests to clients that you’re taking their needs and desires on board.

So who’s been through the logo simplification process recently?

The New York Times Magazine

The classic typeface of the NYT has been a grail for writers for many decades, so the simplification of the logo which is the masthead of the magazine itself, had to be carefully approached. The new logo is more elegantly spaced, but the real zinger is a simplified and informal version of the whole logo which is being used for tablets and mobile applications – NYT Mag … it did create waves, it was talked about, and the hipster generation use it as a hashtag. This adds up to brand success for a very well established literary publication.

Virgin Media

The Virgin Media brand dropped their Union flag insert. The logo is now more simple although brand identity has clearly been retained, and it’s also more global, so it doesn’t ‘switch off’ people who might not think of themselves as British or as the consumers of British media … and that could just be people in Scotland or Wales! By refining the image to be a clear, global identity, Virgin Media is well placed to extend brand into many areas.

Logo design and your business

If your logo could be holding you back, why not get in touch to see if a logo evolution would help? Call us on 0203 773 9137 or email linfo@creativeharmony.co.uk to discuss your needs.

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