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The Geospatial Commission is an expert committee that sets the UK’s geospatial strategy and promotes the best use of geospatial data. It is part of the Cabinet Office. Its aim is to unlock the significant economic, social and environmental opportunities offered by location data and to boost the UK’s global geospatial expertise.

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The Agency

Geospatial Commission contacted Creative Harmony, approaching us to design two branded reports. The contact came via a recommendation. The Geospatial Commission wanted to engage with an agency that had experience designing excellent brochures within strict time constraints.

The Report

The report was one of two reports commissioned by the Geospatial Commission.

With extensive experience creating branded reports, we worked within the Cabinet Office’s brand guidelines framework to produce the report. It required us to develop infographics alongside laying out the inner pages with specific details needing granular level attention.

In June 2022, the Geospatial Commission published its policy paper on location data ethics, in line with a commitment made in the UK’s Geospatial Strategy. The paper outlines the Geospatial Commission’s informed views on unlocking value from location data while mitigating ethical and privacy risks, ensuring compliance with legal principles, and retaining citizens’ trust.

The report needed to be welcoming, easy to read and hold the reader’s attention. The information required laying out in an engaging way that did not lose the integrity of the report or its findings.


The report was time-sensitive, meaning we needed to work to a strict deadline. Unlike many agencies whose modus operandi is working 9-5, we worked around to clock to deliver the report ahead of schedule.

The layout of the report reflects its seriousness without being dull. Visuals and infographics intersperse the text, which is broken down into shorter sections with proper use of subheadings for the most significant impact.

The work received a very positive reception, and the Geospatial Commission team were delighted with the results.


Professionally Designed

Branded Report

Professionally Designed

Branded Report


I was hugely impressed by the work of the Creative Harmony team. The speed and quality of their work allowed us to see different options for graphics and ensure that each page was consistent and well designed throughout the report. I would definitely recommend Creative Harmony for report design work.

Will Jones, Head of Comms and Engagement – Geospatial Commission
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