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What is the Goal of a Brochure?

Brochures are one of the most versatile printed mediums that businesses can access. They are available in several different forms, with numerous folding techniques, enabling them to fit any marketing message. Given their versatility, it is impossible to pin down one specific goal.

To understand why brochures are essential for your business, you need to understand better the different purposes of the most common types of brochures and how they can help you achieve your specific goals.

A Brochure’s Purpose – Goal of a brochure

The purpose of a brochure depends on the type of business you run. They can be a detailed reference of your services and products for prospective and existing customers. Brochures can assist in increasing your leads as handouts at tradeshows and events or through direct mail campaigns. Brochures can also support your brand identity by offering your target audience informative and credible content about your company.

A brochure should deliver your marketing messages in an organised, professional and handy way. The possibilities are endless, from holiday camp maps for visitors to technology companies presenting their range of services and restaurants creating takeout menus.

Introduction Brochures

Providing an introduction to your company is another purpose of a brochure. They are the ideal way to introduce prospective clients and customers to your brand.

Promotional or Introduction brochures provide critical information about your company and the products or services that you offer. Using a folded brochure to give this information gives your intended audience an organised and interactive approach to learning about your brand. These types of brochures can be handed out at trade shows or events given to potential customers or clients when they visit your business. Direct mail campaigns are another way this type of brochure can be used to reach your audience, grow brand awareness and increase your sales.

Common types of introduction brochures:

  • The closed gate
  • The tri-fold
  • The tri-half
  • The roll fold

Information Brochures

Information brochures display detailed information about your company or a specific product or service you provide. They can also work instructional manuals within packages, meeting or seminar presentation documents, special event programs or customer reports. Informational brochures can also be used effectively as part of your direct mail strategy, enabling your audience to connect with your marketing message.

Common types of information brochures:

  • The tri-fold
  • The z-fold
  • The roll fold
  • The double parallel

Map Brochures

Visitors to airports, campgrounds, museums and alike can benefit from folding map brochures. This type of brochure provides easily accessible, vital information that is effortlessly folded up and put away when not in use. Map brochures are not limited to simple symbolic diagrams of the area or building and its facilities. They can also include helpful descriptions of each element within the map to provide visitors with a more informed and exciting experience.

Common types of map brochures:

  • The double parallel
  • The half-half
  • The half-tri
  • The tri-half

Menu Brochures

Takeout is becoming increasingly more popular than eating out. This trend means it is more important than ever to have the perfect takeout menu for your customers. Brochure style menus are ideal for the foodservice industry for several reasons, including the ease of folding them away. They can be kept in the glove compartment of your car, tucked away in a drawer or left on the fridge. Images of your most popular dishes can be added along with your full takeaway menu, pricing, delivery arrangements and contact information.

Common types of menu brochures:

  • The tri-fold
  • The z-fold
  • The half-fold
  • The roll fold

Why Brochures are Important

Brochures send your customers, clients or business partners clear messages about your brand. Done well, they highlight your professionalism, provide essential details about your company and show you are committed to quality and your audience.

Brochures are Convenient

Brochures are pocket or drawer friendly, making them painless to keep compared to catalogues. They provide more detailed information and are more memorable than flyers. The foldability of a brochure increases the chances that a customer or client will pick it up and put it in their pocket, wallet or bag for later viewing. Providing marketing material your audience is likely to keep increases your brand awareness whenever it is pulled out and viewed again.

Brochures are Cost-Effective

The budget-friendliness of brochures remains one of the reasons why they are so important. Brochures can be added to your other marketing materials without severely increasing your budget, meaning they can be inserted into packaging or attached to your catalogue or newsletter without making a dent in your marketing budget. This makes them ideal marketing materials for new businesses or companies looking for effective brand marketing on a budget. Read out blog post on How to Keep Your Brochure Design Cost Under Control and Get an Effective Product in 4 Effortless Steps.

Brochures Save Time

Brochures are time effective thanks to their versatility, allowing them to provide and market various information. Brochures provide several different panels for displaying your content, depending on the type you choose. Using a brochure as a company introduction or introducing a new service allows you to save time by placing all your company’s vital information in one tangible medium.

Brochures are Impactful

Well-designed brochures have proven more successful at inviting attention than other brand marketing; this includes online marketing such as display ads or social media posts. This is due to the brochure’s informative, physical and interactive nature.

Whether your brochure is given out during a seminar or is a menu, it is vital to remember that it must be well-designed and eye-catching if it is going to be a successful marketing tool. Your content needs to be organised fluidly. Your images and colours should speak directly to your target audience.

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What is the Goal of a Brochure

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