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The 4 Essential Things You Need to Do to Get the Best Brochure Design for You

When you read about the best brochure design, these concepts are often so generic. What is right for one company might be completely wrong for your business. Your organisation is unique, with specific products and services. It also comes along with individual values and ways of working. When creating a company brochure these different angles need to be respected.

Identify the USP

Firstly, consider what the unique selling point of your business is. What makes you different from the rest of the market? It could be the quality of your products or services. Besides this, it could be the helpfulness of staff or great aftercare and follow-up. It could be low prices or meeting a need in your niche. Whatever it is, this business USP needs to be apparent in your booklet. Focusing on what you do well, will generate sales.

Best Brochure Design – Need to Get Creative

Thinking outside the box can give your company brochure an edge. Can you add in some ‘nice to haves’ that make it more valuable to your customer? For example, if you sell food, include a couple of recipes to make with your products. Think about how to make your products and services look more attractive. This does not have to be the ‘big sell’ approach. It can be something small and creative that adds additional interest.

Professional Brochure Designers Understand the Customer

Think about what your clients are truly looking for when they buy your products or services. They are making a choice to spend their money with you, so what is this motivation? By understanding the needs and wants of your buyers you can narrow this down. For example, a customer to a funeral parlour wants very different things from a clothes retailer or hotel. Narrow in on your customer. Understanding them will shape your brochure and help you create the right marketing product for you.

The Right Input to get the Best Brochure Design

If you want to get the best kind of brochure for your organisation, you need the right input. You can take this in two directions to be successful. The first is that you have a vision and you want to see that on paper. You know what your company needs and you can put it into action. The second is to get a creative brochure designer involved. There are so many parts to your brochure that a little expert advice and support will bring it together. To ensure it is the best brochure design, work with a professional designer as bringing these aspects together is difficult if you have no solid design experience yourself.

Engaging Creative Harmony will ensure you get a stunning product. We are fully invested in your design project and creating a brochure that impresses your customers. We can work comprehensively with you to make a print or digital brochure that meets your high specifications.

Your brochure is more than just some pretty pictures to give to customers. It is a serious marketing tool that can engage new clients and lead to sales. We understand that while the aesthetics are important, your brochure must meet key marketing strategies. We can help you find that vital USP to make your business stand out. This USP and corporate message should be a key part of every page for you. Our professional design staff can achieve this. Moreover, with consistency for added impact.

Our designers are waiting for your call. We are ready to discuss your exciting new project and make it the best brochure design for you. From the planning to the development to the print stage, we keep you fully informed. You will appreciate our tailored and professional service.

You can see relevant examples of our work

Property Development Brochure Design and Recruitment Agency Brochure Design.

If you want to match the best brochure design with a stunning layout then our recent blog shows you how. You can read about this here: 4 Essential Things to Consider When Completing Your Brochure Design Layout

Brochure designers

If printed materials such as brochures and catalogues are not part of your marketing strategy, then you could be missing out. Creative Harmony can help you with all of your branding designs for your catalogues, brochures, product launches, and more. Plus, as your one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs, we can even print the designs or help you to distribute them digitally. Click here to find out more.

Want a brochure designed by professionals?

Need an award-winning brochure design agency to take care of everything from brochure concepting to printing? No time for those design-it-yourself brochure apps?

We’ll give you a brochure that looks good AND works hard to deliver what you need it to, whether that’s:

  • More Sales
  • Greater Awareness
  • Communicating Your Values

Talk to our expert team of brochure designers today.

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