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Our Client

Platinum Pearl Investments (PPI) is a UK based real estate development company with a representative office in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

PPI prides itself on:

  • Engaging in highly profitable projects.

  • Having a friendly team working ethically & transparently.

  • Providing a reliable service that has served the trust of our valuable clients.

  • Bringing into the business over 50 years of combined project development experience.

Services Provided

Graphic Design

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The Agency

PPI approached Creative Harmony to produce branding for their new property development Apsley Residence. The branding needed to be in line with the company’s professional image and long-standing commitment to excellence. PPI also required an agency that could produce a premium quality investment brochure for the new development.

The client needed an agency that could produce branding and 3D renders of the new development. More importantly, they wanted an experienced agency with a proven track record working successfully with clients in this sector.

Creative Harmony was able to provide all this and much more with our dedicated and experienced team. We worked diligently through our design process, keeping the client informed at every turn, taking on board their feedback and moving the project forward in a way that reflected their needs and our best practices.

The Outcome

Many clients now only require an online brochure, which can be included in their website or emailed out to prospective clients. PPI wanted something more tangible that could be sent out to clients to pick up and peruse at their leisure. The brochure needed to highlight the many benefits of investing in the Apsley residence and highlight the returns on investment that the client could expect.

As always, we started with the branding, creating a memorable colour scheme that combined wealth and nature, creating the idea that Apsley Residence would grow as an investment, but that it was also designed not to cost the earth in terms of resources and emissions. The cold and green worked together to create this. The simple gold building outline and white text added to the idea of the simplicity of investing in the residence.


The brochure was explicitly designed with print media in mind. The branding colours were combined with geometric patterns on the cover to draw the eye towards the residence’s name and the critical information contained within the brochure.

The colour scheme continued throughout the brochure, and the text was presented in small blocks to make it easily digestible. It was interspersed with images, plans, maps and diagrams that provided quick to view information about the local area and the key draws that would encourage tenants into the building and increase revenue for investors.

The use of images of different sizes and uneven grids create an asymmetric view and add to the smoothness of the brochure and the ease at which the eye glides over the different information. The finished product was engaging, attractive and high-quality from beginning to end.

Our client was extremely pleased with the outcome and the open communication that ensured a smooth design process where everyone’s voice was heard. PPI acknowledged our patience and professionalism in their feedback.


Professionally Designed

Corporate Brochure

Professionally Designed

Corporate Brochure


A professional company that met our changing demands and needs with patience, care and personal attention. It has been a pleasure working with them.

Ahmed A, Managing Director – Pearl Investments
Trustbox BOX 60 1

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