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Brochure Designing

Brochure designing is the process of producing a brochure which is a promotional document principally used to introduce organisations, companies, products, services, or a set of rules. Brochures are generally paper documents that are folded into pamphlets or leaflets. They can also be sets of associated unfolded papers placed in a folder. Brochures are tools used to disseminate information and contain text and images, similar to those in magazines promoting specific companies, organisations, products or services.

Brochures are standard marketing tools that are an excellent way to publicise a company and its offerings. Brochures are also an effective way to introduce new services or products to existing customers, clients or investors.

Businesses can mail them, hand them out in person or display them at strategic points or enterprises. It is important to note that brochures differ from catalogues, direct mail and flyers. Typically, brochures are a single piece of paper with one, two or three folds.

Brochure design begins by identifying the business’ intended audience. A design company will discuss this with the business and cover content, format, and graphic elements. This ensures that the client gets exactly what is needed from the brochure. Contact Creative Harmony today to find out more.

Brochure designers use initial conversations with clients to produce a variety of conceptual layouts. The client then selects the preferred concept or requests the designer starts again if none of the concepts appeal. The designer then refines the concept, creating the perfect brochure for the individual client.

Once the concept is perfected, the design team work on the text and visual elements. A memorable and dynamic brochure campaign is created through the harmonious integration of text and images. The result is an incredible brochure that resonates with the client and their intended audience.

Creative Harmony supplies a range of digital formats and print copies for your company brochure. Expert marketers help every client create strategies to engage new and existing customers. Ongoing support is also provided to ensure that every client reaches their goals.

How To Make A Brochure?

Creating a business-friendly and nice-looking brochure is far from easy. Hiring professional brochure design services or an experienced brochure designing company saves time allowing businesses to focus on other marketing areas. Professional brochure designers may provide clients with different brochure themes from which the most suitable can be chosen. The designer then replaces the dummy logo, graphics and text with the client’s logo, contact details and information.

The designer also uploads images related to the client’s services or products and arranges them on the brochure to create the greatest positive impact. Many brochure design companies also offer graphic and logo design services, providing clients with a holistic service and reducing the time and energy they spend finding and fitting together the best services and elements. Costs are also reduced as inclusive rates can be provided when all services are sourced from one design business.

Purposes Of Brochures

Developing a brochure extends the customer’s knowledge of the products and services offered by a business and provides further information about the business itself. Brochures assist in:

  • Capturing the target audience’s attention through superb, on point, beautiful design.
  • Naturally promoting products, services or agency.
  • Building trust between businesses and potential customers.
  • Cost-effectively promoting businesses compared to newspaper and TV advertising.
  • Offering the customer something physical. A tangible object that can be kept and continually referred to by the customer.

Different Types Of Brochures

Choosing the correct type of brochure is just as crucial as selecting suitable content or the right designer. Different types or folds may be more attractive and accessible to different customer segments. There are five different types, each of which plays a role.

  • Gate Fold Brochure:These tend to be expensive and therefore are a less common type of brochure. However, when used correctly, it is very influential. Gatefold brochures have an inward folding design, making them easy to carry. High quality paper is required for this type of brochure, giving it the additional benefit of longevity.
  • Bi-Fold Brochure:This is one of the most popular brochure types. It is widely used in the business world because its layout is more formal than other brochures, including the tri-fold brochure. The bi-fold brochure is most commonly used for trade shows, product catalogues, corporate meetings and presentations.
  • Tri-Fold Brochure:As its name suggests, this is a three-fold brochure. It is a prevalent brochure type and is seen in various settings. It has plenty of space to display graphics and company information; this is one of the reasons it captures readers’ attention.
  • Z-Fold Brochure:Also known as an accordion fold, the Z-Fold brochure is exceptionally adaptable. The way it folds create panels that can provide different information without seeming disjointed. Alternatively, designers can create a brochure that, when opened out, creates a seamless, single vivid image.

Benefits Of A Business Brochure

Brochures hold an incredible amount of information in a small space: Brochures are compact but enable a lot of business information to be shared. Business details, contact information and details about products and services can all be included within the design. Brochures can be used to introduce a company, provide snapshots of its offerings, and share exclusive deals, benefits and offers.

Brochures are exceptionally versatile: Compared to other printed materials, brochures are more flexible and adaptable. They can be distributed at events, mailed and used on location.

Brochures are distributed easily to target audiences: One of the most significant advantages of a brochure is it can be placed in the hands of the target group very quickly. Local businesses and small franchises benefit because they can just as easily be posted through the door as they can be handed out at the entrance of a store.

Brochures are cost-effective: Marketing materials are vital to businesses; however, keeping costs down is just as important. Brochures help do both. There are a plethora of companies out there offering brochure design and printing at incredibly affordable rates. Bulk printing brings costs down even further, and the versatility of brochures means that businesses are likely to need more rather than fewer brochures.

Brochures create an easy referral system: Brochures are tangible. They can be read and passed on at no cost to the reader. It is a simple referral method that gets businesses exposure that they cannot ignore.

Brochure Designing with Creative Harmony

To begin a brochure design project with Creative Harmony, please contact our team on  0203 773 9137 or use our contact form. As experts in brochure designing, we’ll clarify the design process before requesting the content, assets, and imagery we’ll need to get started. After costs are approved, the team will begin the cover design and get started on the internal spread of the brochure. Proofing the project early on ensures we meet the required functionality of the brochure and stay on brand. Once we agree on the overall style, our team will output this professionally and swiftly in the approved formats for digital or print use.

Once the brochure is signed off, the file is packaged up and stored securely on our internal and cloud-based data systems. The files are shared with you in the agreed output formats.

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