There is no denying that having positive client testimonials on your website can be a powerful marketing tool towards the success of your business, especially where accountancy firms are concerned.

Law and accountancy firms are selling intangible services that cannot be promoted in the same ways as you could sell a physical product. You have to convey a feeling of trust and value to your prospective clients that will encourage them to sign up with you.

When a potential client is looking for an accountancy firm, the only thing they can reliably go with is your client testimonials. This is why it is so important to have high-quality, genuine testimonials on your website. The power of your customer feedback will be the determining factor in the decision for a new client to come to you or not.

You could employ the best web builder in the world to create your site, and make claims that you deliver outstanding work, but without a customer testimonial to back up your claims, a potential client’s question will remain unanswered.

By far the best testimonials you could include on your site will be attributed ones from genuine clients listing their real names and their business names. This makes their feedback much more credible to a prospects eye.

A specific review containing a real experience of a service is far better displayed on your site than a simple, ‘Great job, thanks’, review. Something like the following example from Green & Co’s website is so much better: “Thanks to Nick’s advice we secured a sizeable tax and VAT rebate which was very helpful towards our barn conversion.”

Service relevant testimonials are always going to help convince a prospective client to go with you over a non-relevant one. It will also help to attract the right sort of client to the particular services you offer. So a new start-up business looking to employ an accountant will be more attracted to your specialist service tailored toward new business owners if that page has a either a case study or a testimonial from another recent start-up.

How to ask for testimonials

Sometimes it can be difficult for an accountant to ask their clients for a testimonial. It may feel rude to ask, or impolite to take up their clients time to perform a favour for them. There is no need to feel embarrassed to ask your client for a testimonial if you know they are happy with a service you have provided them. Most clients will be grateful of your expertise and knowledge, and would be pleased to write you some positive feedback if you asked them to.

Your clients will probably recognise that you need to market your services to others, and by helping you out with a testimonial, they could gain greatly in return by having a direct link to their own business from your professional website.

If you are not up to asking for a testimonial face to face, then you could try running a short client survey every so often to get feedback, and to check you are continuing to provide a great service.

You can also leverage social media to your advantage. Use the ‘recommendation’ feature of LinkedIn to write positive testimonials for your clients, and they may well return in kind.


So, if you are looking for a taste of success, then positive and detailed client testimonials are they way to go. Get ahead of your competition by garnering the right sort of testimonials for your website – let us show you how!

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