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Every year First Step Relief support a growing number of people dealing with debt problems. With 25 years of experience, users of the service can be confident that First Step Relief can provide the advice and support needed to achieve long-term financial control. They help people to make sense of their finances rather than focusing on short term solutions. There is no judgement, just support, guidance and the solutions needed to deal with debt. Whatever the situation First Step Relief look for practical solutions that make its clients’ lives better.

Services Provided

Graphic Design

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The Agency

First Step Relief approached Creative Harmony to create a brand identity that would be simple and easily identifiable. There are several different debt support companies out there, so our first challenge was to create something unique that reflected the company and its aims. Debt is often associated with the genuine fear of losing your home, your safe space. Our creative team wanted to incorporate the idea that the company could help you keep the roof over your head.

The Outcome

At first glance, the logo is simply two houses, one above and behind the other. However, if you look closely, you can see that their careful positioning also create the letter F. The hidden symbol explains the nature of the business and is a clever visual representation of its name. The symbolism is evident in some cases but skilfully subtle in most. All in all, the designers behind these logos seem to have perfectly nailed the brief’s art direction and execution.

The Application

First Step Relief also commissioned us to create a stationery set and a brochure that reflected their brand identity. We started by discussing what it was the company wanted to achieve from their brochure. It was essential to ensure that the information it contained and how it was presented was fit for purpose.


From the first point of call creative harmony have handled our branding project with the utmost professionalism, care and attention. We’re really happy with the way our corporate identity has turned out and I must say it has been a pleasure working with them!

M Bari, Director – First Step Relief
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Professionally Designed

Corporate Logo

Professionally Designed

Corporate Logo

Final Thoughts

We ensured that the brochure was easily accessible, with information broken down into small sections and interspersed with appropriate graphics. This information was then incorporated into the design, and everything was presented within the brand identity that we had created. The same principles were applied to the stationery set, assuring that the company’s name and business were clear and memorable when anyone picked it up.

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