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London Botanics is a new British Cannabis extraction start-up company that develops and manufactures quality cannabis oils and concentrates. These are the fastest-growing segments in the Cannabis industry. The company’s operations have already begun in the UK and Lesotho, Africa’s first country to legalise medical cannabis cultivation.

London Botanics’ mission is to offer the best approved existing and prospective cannabinoid products to all jurisdictions legally authorised to sell medical cannabis. Pharmaceutical companies will trust London Botanics to produce ultra-pure synthetic cannabinoid active ingredients that meet the strictest regulatory requirements of health authorities worldwide. High-capacity cGMP production facilities in Europe and Africa yield ultra-pure Cannabidiol (CBD) and Dronabinol (THC).

Services Provided

Graphic Design

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The Agency

London Botanics approached Creative Harmony after reading our reviews on Trust Pilot. Our exemplary feedback instilled in them the confidence that we had the credentials, skills and people needed to get their branding right. We worked with London Botanics to create a logo that emphasised the company’s professional approach and dedication to quality. We worked with them through our design process, ensuring the logo met specific requirements.

Initial Sketch
Super Sketch Landscape

The Outcome

The logo uses concentric circles and geometric shapes to create a plant-like drawing that can be seen on different levels and incorporated easily into the dead space of any of the rounded letters in the company’s name.

The Application

We created a logo that was a combination mark and created an alternative version that could be used as a logotype. This is beneficial because variations of the logo can be applied across different channels. Adaptability is vital in today’s market. The icon was based on a geometrical leaf, but upon closer inspection, you can see that it resembles a cannabis leaf. The subtly plays on the company’s professional approach to its products while hinting at the core plant required to create the extracts.


What stands out to me about Creative Harmony is how the communication was friendly, clear and consistent from beginning to end. They took the time to really understand my business and then used their creativity and considerable skills to convey the true character and identity of the brand. Really impressed by the service and would highly recommend Creative Harmony to anyone.

Peter Whitwell, Director – London Botanicals
Trustbox BOX 1

Professionally Designed

Corporate Logo

Professionally Designed

Corporate Logo

Final Thoughts

We produced additional marketing and promotional materials as well as designing the branding and packaging for the product. At Creative Harmony, we work closely with our clients to provide a full-service design offering. We understand that not every job is a large branding project, so we also get involved in all the smaller elements of the brand to ensure consistency and quality.

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