Private Placement Memorandum Design

Our Client

Dr Hammour, the Founder and Chairman of the Guidance Financial Group and M.D. of Capital Guidance, is not an easy man to keep up with. As a distinguished economist, World Bank consultant and visiting faculty member of MIT he’s spent his life focusing on executive priorities.

So, when Guidance Financial sought to print a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) document, he needed a designer who would keep up with his hectic schedule and be flexible about working hours as he travelled the globe. That designer also needed to have real creative flair, the ability to envision globally significant and appealing graphics and the authority to supervise a print process against a tight deadline. It was a demanding brief, to say the least.

Services Provided

Graphic Design

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The Agency

Based on these requirements, Dr Hammour chose to work with Creative Harmony, knowing that conference calls late into the night or in the early hours of the morning would be essential and with confidence that the design team would accurately convey his specific economic insights in visual form.  The process of creating the PPM document was unusual, but productive and rewarding.

Because Creative Harmony works to prioritise quality outcomes from initial brief to print product, Guidance Financial were able to focus on the international strategic operation surrounding the PPM, certain that Creative Harmony would deliver the highest quality print media at the right time.

The Outcome

Creative Harmonys established reputation for being able to recognise business priorities made the tight deadlines and complex coordination processes of the project easy to master. A strong recognition of the need to appeal to global markets and international investors, and a background in creating material that hits the target for multicultural and multinational enterprises made the undertaking straightforward for a design agency that specialises in such work.


As a result, Creative Harmony produced a design layout that successfully carried the complex detail of the memorandum whilst also revealing the ambitious and exciting nature of the opportunities contained within the document. Using a blend of visually arresting graphic images and pictorial representations made the document vivid and informative. Carefully chosen images conveyed the global scope of the material, alongside substantial graphic representations of the substantive financial and economic information in the form of graphs, charts and other infographics.


Professionally Designed

Corporate Brochure

Professionally Designed

Corporate Brochure

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