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Our Client

Openwage is on a mission to revitalise the financial health and resilience of working people. Their ethical and responsible approach to giving employees more control over when they can access their pay benefits employees and employers in many ways.

Services Provided

Graphic Design

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The Agency

Openwage came to Creative Harmony with their brand guidelines, images and copy. Our role in the project primarily focussed on designing the brochure’s overall look and feel. The company was exceptionally keen on ensuring that all assets created for their brochure were analogous to their existing branding.

Openwage did have some concerns over the copy that they provided and asked that our copywriters review the text and adjust the tone to resonate better with their target audience.

The Outcome

Several Zoom meetings were needed to perfect the copy so that we could focus on the other aspects of the brochures.

The initial concept layouts that we designed underwent several development stages prior to the final brochure being artworked in line with the company’s approved styling.


Our creative team set out the styling rules with InDesign as we worked through the design process and artworking of the brochure. Taking this step allows future brochures to use the same style set and be designed swiftly.

Our years of experience told us that spending additional time in artworking an initial project professionally can reduce budgeting issues and save time later if the brochure needs to be re-worked for other purposes.

The final brochure was a very slick and modern brochure that oozed creativity and was received well by the Openwage team.

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Professionally Designed

Corporate Brochure

Professionally Designed

Corporate Brochure


Very happy with the service, working on a new brochure for our company. David handled the project very well. Constant communication, good understanding of the iterations we wanted and for a very reasonable price.

David Spivac, Marketing Director – Openwage
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