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Our Client

IMES started in 2014 in the South West of England. Initially offering general fabrications and industrial repairs, they later branched into heavy civil works including railways and more extensive infrastructures such as bridges, water treatment facilities, recycling facilities and docks. At these locations, IMES carried out services within the scope of general repair and refurbishment. They found themselves focusing on their current primary services, management, metal surface preparation, painting, welding, and fabrication over this period. IMES ran these alongside some smaller and more bespoke services such as historic hot riveting, specialist paint coatings, and historic structures’ refurbishment.

Over the past five years, IMES have further developed their services working for high profile clients such as Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, Air Force and the Army. They carry out various services for them from blasting and painting water-based assets, right through to refurbishing large aircraft hangars and training facilities.

This has substantially developed the company to achieve a higher standard of work across the board due to the rigorous systems and procedures necessary to adhere to the client’s specific requirements.

Services Provided

Graphic Design

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The Agency

IMES EUROPE HOLDINGS LLP approached Creative Harmony having read about their track record as an award-winning brochure design agency. Creative Harmony had many years of experience working in this sector. They understood that IMES were after a high end and sophisticated look and feel. IMES was invited in for an online vision meeting, and over a productive and fun session Creative Harmony identified the target audience that was going to be exposed to the services provided by IMES and developed a plan of how best to reach this audience through the brochure.

The Outcome

An enjoyable and attractive brochure that still has the seriousness of a high-end corporate brochure was created. The final product carefully balanced written information with pictorial expression that gave clear indications to the reader of the scope of IMES’ work.


Everything in the brochure is well laid out and emphasises the skills and experiences of their team as well as explaining the work IMES can carry out. The result is a brochure that shows you can trust IMES to get the job done. It was so well received by MD Sam Cook, that he commissioned Creative Harmony to produce brochures and marketing literature for his other businesses.


Professionally Designed

Corporate Brochure

Professionally Designed

Corporate Brochure


Creative Harmony is constantly helpful to my ongoing directorship of three companies, over the development of the marketing package they were attentive professional and artistic at all times and demonstrated true “e” workmanship. Very good company, and highly recommended from me and all of my colleagues.

Samuel Cook, Marketing Director – IMES EUROPE HOLDINGS LLP
Trustbox BOX 60

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