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Founded in 2021, Code Coach has a few specific goals that make them unique as a course provider. Most other software development boot camps have the same things in common: they only teach web development. The courses are delivered by former software engineers who decided to get into education. Code Coach aims to offer something a little different.

In a world where there’s a mobile app for just about anything, Code Coach provides a path for students to get into software development on the Android platform directly. Android is the world’s largest mobile platform, and there has never been a better time to become an Android developer. In the UK, there are more jobs than there are Android developers as it seems more and more companies are racing to deliver the complete digital experience, which includes a native mobile app.

Services Provided

Graphic Design

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The Agency

At Creative Harmony, we love working on brochure designs for different and unique services. Every Creative Harmony client has different requirements, objectives and budgets, so we are flexible enough to work within the tightest of spending allowances. Code Coach required an agency that understood its vision and could create the perfect brochure within a very tight timeline.

We get started quicker by discussing the client’s needs right at the beginning of the process and gaining a clear view of their vision and direction. By keeping the client apprised of progress, we can make changes as we go and ensure that our design is compatible with the company’s vision every step of the way.

The Outcome

Our initial concept designs are always a vital part of the process, providing a way to explore lots of creative ideas quickly, giving the client more for their money. Sketches are also more inclusive and encourage better feedback during the early project stages. If the client sees something they dislike or want to tweak, this approach can achieve it effortlessly.

Collaborative working with the client provides better results, fewer misunderstandings and an overall better finished product. Using mood boards and sketches, we established a visual direction working with the client to create a clear to read document complying with the company’s brand guidelines.


Even with tight time constraints, we applied our normal process and created mood boards and initial design concepts from which an agreed design and template style was established. This was then applied to the rest of the catalogue to maintain a consistent look and feel. The brochure was completed and printed on time and within budget and was well received.

The text is presented logically, allowing the reader to work through and understand the company, its processes, and the next steps they need to take. It is interspersed with bright, clear pictures that break up the text and allow more visual learners how working with the company can benefit them.

The colour scheme fits with the company’s branding and relates neatly to Android and its branding, strengthening the link between the client and its offerings.


Professionally Designed

Corporate Brochure

Professionally Designed

Corporate Brochure


10/10. I was in contact with David, and the service, price, value, speed of response was all exceptional. Creative Harmony seemed to offer very professional-looking brochures, and when the first design proposals for my brochure came through, I was blown away. From that point, the process of refining the brochure through to the finished article was outstanding.

I will definitely be using them again in the future for further brochures.

Vin Norman, Managing Director – Code Coach
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