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Our Client

PHS Management is a specialist healthcare recruitment agency start-up determined to raise standards in the health care recruitment sector by providing highly trained, well-qualified, reference-checked and outstanding candidates to clients. They provide skilled temporary and permanent staff across a variety of roles, including:

  • Mental health Care Assistants and Nurses

  • Registered Nurses from Ward Managers and Clinical Team Leaders

Services Provided

Graphic Design

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The Agency

PHS Management approached Creative Harmony on recommendation from another of our clients in the same sector. The company needed a reliable, creative design partner that had experience in Recruitment Company Branding and would deliver several services, including branding, marketing materials, web development, and logo design.

PHS scaled
Initial Sketch

The Outcome

We created a logotype with the ACRONYM PHS. We used the negative space in the letter P to insert a Plus symbol. The equidistant cross or plus symbol is a traditional symbol found within the medical trade; from denoting First Aid boxes to being the Symbol of the Red Cross, its inclusion indicates that support and help can be found at a given location. Its integration into a Logo, such as in the Letter P, hints towards the medical nature of the work being carried out by the company without it being overwhelming or misconstrued as overtly medical. It both blends with the lettering and catches the eye creating balance and symbolism.

The Application

Creative Harmony also created a sub logo with just the letter P with the plus symbol for use across various applications, including a mobile APP.

PHS management was thrilled with the final logo, and we created a set of brand guidelines to be used alongside their new brand identity. Keeping brand identity recognisable and consistent is essential. This, rather than limiting creativity, is the role of a style guide. Clear brand guidelines ensure the effective and professional use of your brand’s elements every time they are used.


Excellent service, fast responses, website delivered as expected. Very happy with outcome.

Communication has been exceptional!

N Khanam, Executive Director – PHS Management
Trustbox BOX 1

Professionally Designed

Corporate Logo

Professionally Designed

Corporate Logo

Final Thoughts

A strong purple theme runs through the brand identity. When used in marketing, purple is most often associated with dignity, wisdom, creativity, independence, magic and mystery, as well as wealth, royalty and spirituality. Light purple is more closely related to feminine energy, while bright purple lends towards power and richness.

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