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Fintech Consulting offers a wide range of designing, development, marketing, system support, software upgrades and project-related solutions. From customised web development and Digital Marketing Services to Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, the company helps individuals realise their online potential.

Fintech comprises a team of highly skilled professionals capable of handling all types of projects. Working with Fintech is guaranteed to be a rewarding experience.

Services Provided

Graphic Design

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Initial Sketch
Final Vectorisation of sketch

The Agency

Fintech approached Creative Harmony after seeing some of the excellent work we have produced for other companies in similar sectors. Fintech wanted us to develop a unique branding concept and create their website and logo.

We started with the branding. By working closely with Fintech, we were able to ascertain the core principles of the business, its intended audience and its primary offerings. Working with this and the key elements that Fintech wanted to be included, we created a brand that fully reflected the company’s diversity, creativity, and quality.

Once this was approved, we were able to apply this new identity to the company’s marketing materials. We then worked with Fintech to create their logo. We worked closely with them through every step of our design process to ensure that the company’s requirements were met.

The Outcome

We decided that the logo needed to encapsulate everything that the company stood for without becoming too busy or overwhelming. We chose to work with a star.

Stars symbolise harmony, protection, eternity and infinity. They are also given to children as praise for hard work and are held in awe when seen in the night sky. Stars hold a promise of perfection and beauty, with different stars having myths and stories associated with them.

Associating Fintech with the stars encourages the viewer to see the company reaching further to achieve their client’s goals. The dead space within the line drawn star also holds the letter F, immediately creating the connection between the logo and the company name.

Once the logo was finalised, we created marketing materials using the same design principles. Among the materials created were a fold-out leaflet or flyer, poster, stationery and a content managed website.


Creative Harmony, well after working with them for over a year on a number of different projects they have never failed to deliver. Well designed, conceptual and unique work delivered in a professional manor. David will be overseeing the majority of my media work for the unforeseeable future, with amicable pricing and a great product, why would i go anywhere else ?

Compared to most creative harmony are lower on the costings yet higher on the quality, a very rare scenario for any business. Being independent really sets them apart from most franchises or large groups, they are flexible and totally adaptive to each individual project and never fail to deliver on time, every time.

Samuel Cook, Managing Director – Penguin
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Professionally Designed

Corporate Logo

Professionally Designed

Corporate Logo

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