Prints Not Dead: Why Print Marketing Will Thrive

Since the rise of social media, we have seen a decline in print-based marketing strategies across all business sectors as well as within accountancy firms. We have changed the way we do business in response to new technologies, and also the way we market our firms has now become more about social marketing and reputation building than actually going for the hard-sell.

While many people consider print to be a dead medium, and online marketing the way forward, nevertheless the print based marketing industry isn’t dead – far from it in fact!

Although paper marketing has become quieter in the face of digital advancements, print marketing has actually continued to evolve very capably alongside the rise in social media and online marketing, and should never be overlooked by law and accountancy firms.

At one time, paper based marketing was pretty much the only way to go, but it had to work hard to achieve all the goals that marketers built into it. In fact, direct mail is still used heavily today owning an average of 45% of total local retail advertising. According to a survey conducted by Pitney Bowes, 76% of small businesses use marketing strategies that include a combination of digital and paper-based communication.

Print isn’t dead yet!

Because businesses have more choice than ever before, they can target their marketing efforts across different mediums to produce the best results. Paper based marketing is still a very effective tool for getting your message across to your target audience, and when used as part of your campaign can deliver a sense of quality and gravity for your company that digital cannot deliver alone.

Through variable printing, you can tailor your paper marketing to suit different demographics, and by doing this you can target your niche audience better, and save a lot of money in costs in the long-run. Personalization is also a viable option in print as you can run a set of special offer postcards with the name of the individual recipient. You can also print different voucher codes and monitor which ones are being redeemed.

Customer value is also enhanced when you go with personalised paper-based marketing. People know that it takes some effort to customise a printed brochure or leaflet, and it makes them feel special because your firm went out of its way to offer them that personal touch that is often lacking in more generic mass-produced print-based marketing used by old-school accountancy firms.

Targeting your niche

At one point, paper-based marketing was all anyone had. That flyer or leaflet that you carpeted your local housing estate with had to do the combined job of introducing your company, telling people how to find your offices, showing people what you do, and finally making an offer that is too good to turn down.

If you got a 4 or 5% response from your leafleting campaign, then you considered yourself lucky. However, by combining digital marketing with paper-based marketing, you can cut down on the wasted time, effort and expense of blanket-bombing large areas.

By using digital marketing to attract visitors to your firm’s website and gaining a following on social media, you are attracting only those that have an interest in your services, and that would be interested in getting more information from you – in the form of printed material that delivers your marketing message.


So, if you are keen to add an edge of quality and legitimacy to your business by cleverly combining print and social media marketing, then get in touch with us. Contact us today to find out more: 0203 773 9137 or email


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