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The 4 Guaranteed Ways Ensure You Get Great Company Brochure Design for Your Products

If you want company brochure design, then you have committed to investing in your marketing tool. Essentially your company brochure is the way you communicate with your customers and the outside world. Anyone could pick up your brochure, so it needs to be appealing and engaging. How do you ensure you get a great design for your business catalogue? It starts with some professional input to get the best out of the design and print. Here is how you ensure the agency truly understands your product.

Q and A

Ask your designers lots of questions to ensure you are fully aware of the process. Firstly, you need to have confidence in the methods of the professional designer producing your brochure. If you are unsure of how they will create your brochure you will likely not be confident in them. Find out about their methods, timescales and costs. Ensure you are happy with the answers to all your questions. Your level of engagement with the design agency will bring its own benefits. If brief, if you are serious about your brochure, they will understand it is a key piece of business marketing.

Company Brochure Design – Values for Design

Talk through your company values and the focus of your business. Your organisation may have a specific client group in mind; be sure this message is clear. Whether a brochure, catalogue or booklet, it has to appeal to current and potential customers. As a rule, colours are vital as are the photographs used. Even the font of the text can attract or detract different types of people. Do you want your company to come across as serious, friendly, fun, relaxed or something else? Deciding the tone and style of the writing and the way your business is portrayed is important. Get across these business values and your designer will produce a better product.

Try, Try Again

The great thing about brochure design is that it is preparation for a final product. In short, this gives you the opportunity to try some different things. You may go in with a pre-conceived idea of what might be good, but there could be something better. Be willing to try and try again to see the best that is on offer. In particular look at different approaches and see how they could best benefit you.

Company Brochure Design – Get Involved but Take Advice

If you take a hands-off approach to your brochure, you will still get a great brochure. However, it might not be exactly what you were looking for. You can get involved in two ways. You can give as much information as possible at the beginning and leave the designer to it. Equally you can get involved in the smaller detail and have a greater impact. Do listen to your designer as they are a professional and know what works. Yet you should also feel confident to say when something is not working for you.

Creative Harmony create great brochures to market your business. In our opinion the best company brochure design starts with professionals who understand what a vital marketing tool this is. Our designers take time to answer your questions and understand your values.

We at Creative Harmony know that your brochure is important to raising your company profile. This is in addition to building customer numbers and leading to sales. We know that it is not just all about looks. We appreciate the factors that make your customers tick and want to bring these out in your brochure. For both print media and digital services, our designers excel.

Call Creative Harmony today for great company brochure design that benefits your products compared to the competition. We will produce a stunning design that markets your products at the next level.

You can see relevant examples of our work Fintech Company Brochure Design and Accountant Brochure Design.

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Brochure Design Agency London

How do you create the perfect brochure? By working with brochure designers like Creative Harmony. A well-designed brochure speaks volumes about your company, its confidence, and the respect you have for your customers. It might be a prospectus, a piece of commemorative literature, or an annual report. The subject doesn’t matter. What counts is the thought put into creating something attractive, useful and enjoyable for your readers. A professionally designed brochure or report, with high-quality images and copy, is the print equivalent of a firm handshake. Click here to find out more.

Want a brochure designed by professionals?

Need an award-winning brochure design agency to take care of everything from brochure concepting to printing? No time for those design-it-yourself brochure apps?

We’ll give you a brochure that looks good AND works hard to deliver what you need it to, whether that’s:

  • More Sales
  • Greater Awareness
  • Communicating Your Values

Talk to our expert team of brochure designers today.

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