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Brochure Design Templates

If you are considering creating a brochure, then at some point you will have come across templates. Brochure design templates can feel like a great way to create a brochure. They are pre-set with colours and fonts and you simply paste in your pictures and text. They create a brochure quickly and easily with a low design cost. However, they may not be the best way to focus on your products.

Generic Style

Any brochure design templates you choose have been created specifically to be generic. It has been created to appeal to a wide variety of businesses and broadly capture their style. There are advantages in that the designs tend to be tasteful, however they are also quite bland. You want something that will be memorable to your customers. You want something that will tell customers about your products and values. Equally if you are trying to attract potential customers, you want it to reflect well on your business. Something generic will not do this as well as something tailored exactly to you.

The Competition

Using a template could create an issue with your competitors. If they have chosen to use a template too it is likely that your resulting booklets could be quite similar. Then there will be nothing to make you unique compared to your competitors. On the other hand, if your booklet is not tailored and engaging, potential clients may overlook it. Showcasing your own products and services effectively is a professional job. Getting ahead of your competition is more difficult with a generic template.

Tricky Templates

Often when you use a design template, it forces you to use a specific style. You must put a logo in a set place, you must put a photograph in a set place. You might also find it is highly restrictive on colours and fonts, if not fully fixed. This rigidity may detract from you creating the best pamphlet for your own business. If you are going to pay for a pamphlet, tailor one perfectly to your business style. This is an additional investment in your business and will be worth the cost.

A Catch-All

Design templates are most definitely a catch-all that appeases the need for a brochure. They produce a decent result, a passable item that you can give to customers. However, as it is a catch-all that works similarly for everything, it will not be bespoke to you. You can work hard with a design template, but it will never be specific to your organisation. That is where a template design can only go so far. By limiting customisation and general features, the result will be equally general. If you are looking for product unique to you, then avoid design templates as they will not meet your needs.

Brochure design templates are thought of as a great tool to create print media for your business. Do you do need to be aware of their limitations though. Engaging professional brochure design services will make a far great impact on your customers. Professional design services may cost a little extra, but it will be worth it.

Creative Harmony fully supports you to achieve the goals you set out for your printed products. An exceptional brochure from an expert designer is only one click away. Our expert team offer the full range of design services to meet all your needs. Whether you need a printed brochure or it is digital design you need, look no further.

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