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How to get Stunning Corporate Brochure Design for Your Next Campaign

While the internet and social media are important ways of developing a business, so is print media. A physical brochure in the hand of your customer brings a powerful message. For personalised brochure design corporate choices may seem limited. However, focussing into what will appeal to your customers is vital to developing your message. This begins with the way it looks, as first impressions count with your customers. You need to ensure your corporate brochure design is exceptional. Using a professional brochure design company can help with this.

Elegant Layout is Key

A contemporary and elegant layout with appealing looks is a vital start to your brochure. A vast expanse of text and too many pictures is off-putting to your customers. Equally, too little wording stops your customers understanding your products. A lack of appropriate photographs will make your brochure dull. Strike a balance with great photography and writing, you will create a memorable product that customers want to keep.

Your True Colours

The colour choice for your pamphlet is ultimately an important step. You may wish to use your company colours. If these are bland or a single colour, then you may wish to combine them to create harmony. The key is to avoid something too monochrome, unless you are focussing on beautiful photographs. Choosing a couple of complementary colours supports your products. Avoid brightly coloured text as it can be difficult to read.

Style and Vitality

In the end, you are looking to give vitality to your text and photos. The most appealing photos should have a timeless style that engages your clients. Showcase the things you have to offer in a fresh and engaging way. This style of brochure design will be money well spent and adds something new to your portfolio.

What to Show and Tell

A business booklet shows your customers what you offer. It also needs to tell them why they need that product or service for themselves or their organisation. What you want to showcase with your clients is so important. Try to show them everything you offer and it could overwhelm the brochure. However, focus on one thing and it could become repetitive. Strike a balance between these, you might showcase one item but include other items too. You want them to keep your print handout, so ensure it appeals in more than just that moment.

At Creative Harmony, your corporate brochure is in great hands. Our professional designers have plenty of experience and take the time to listen to your needs. We will work with you to present your products and services with appealing contemporary style.

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A professionally designed corporate brochure is key for effective corporate marketing both in print and digital. Strategic corporate brochure design goes beyond just the aesthetics, it must be engaging, consistent with corporate branding and memorable to the target audience. Overall, it should deliver the corporate message to the right audience and capture their attention from the very first page. Creative Harmony offers full-service print and digital corporate brochure design services. Our expert creative team has the experience to produce an attractive result-driven brochure for any industry, at any time.

Get in touch today and you can have a brief chat through what you’re looking to do with one of our creative team and they’ll be able to advise on how we can best help you.

Whether you want to convey your message via print media or pixels on screen, choose us to get your next brochure brilliantly designed, written, proofread and printed.

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