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How Making Brochure Design Minimalist Can Transform the Way You Engage Your Customer in 3 Progressive Stages

If you are considering a new printed product for your business, have you thought about making brochure design minimalist? This may seem like a strange concept, but more is not necessarily better. Minimalist brochure design gives you the opportunity to strip everything back for the ultimate style. This can certainly enhance your final product. Here are some tips on how to get your brochure design minimal, with professional brochure design services.

Minimalist Brochure Design: Take it Back to Basics

Basic does not necessarily mean boring or clunky. In the respect of keeping your brochure design minimal, it is about identifying what is necessary. Make a list of what is essential in your booklet. What can your brochure not do without? Therefore, you see the basics of what you need for your brochure. A minimalist look does not mean you avoid putting any of the other things back in. It simply means that you are aware of them and that they are being used to embellish and enhance.

When you pare things back you can see the singular beauty and style for what it is. However, it is your choice what you do with that knowledge and how you build up your brochure.

Keep it Classic

For minimalist brochure design, your plan should involve keeping it classic. That is, classic combinations of colours that work well together for a start. On the other hand, that does not mean it has to be monochrome. Stylish colours used well together are as relevant for minimalist designs as black and white. You will likely want to pair these with elegant fonts that are not too complicated.

There are many fun fonts available now, but these do not work with a minimal theme. A minimalist font is clean and crisp with style in abundance. Stick to classic choices that will maximise the style of your whole brochure. When making your brochure design minimalist, your design team can help to ensure it is a professional brochure that looks as good as possible.

Professional Brochure Design: Carefully Considered Content

It is important to have your content as relevant as possible. With minimalist design, you are going to have to be choosy about what makes the cut. Stick to products that tell the story of your business and gain a balance, avoiding too many. Really showcase the best you have to offer and maximise that.

Once you have chosen your products and services then keep text trimmed and relevant. This does not mean just a couple of words, do add details but avoid pages of extras. Minimalist brochures should have your customer reading every word rather than glossing over excess text. Your professional brochure design agency will have in-house or freelance writers to support this process.

When you decide to make your brochure design minimalist, you are impacting on each part of the process. Creative Harmony understands this process. We know the importance of getting your minimalist brochure right. We appreciate that your brochure is an important element of your marketing and must influence key clients. It is much more than just a pretty product; it must fulfil a vital function.

Your minimalist brochure is also an important part of your corporate branding. It must fit with your organisation’s overall look and style. It must link to your brand’s visual and messages you pass to your customers. In short, your brochure has so much to achieve and Creative Harmony’s professional brochure designers can achieve this.

Call Creative Harmony today to discuss your next minimalist brochure project to engage your clients. Our expert designers will talk through your needs and work with you to develop an impressive product that supports your clients in a modern way.

You can see relevant examples of our work Property Development Brochure Design and Recruitment Agency Brochure Design.

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Brochure Design

Brochures are still one of the most important sales tools for promoting your company’s message and will help to set your customer on the right path to engaging your services or making a purchase. We provide a complete end to end service producing informative, inspiring and persuasive brochures that generate results. Brochures can be designed for both print and online versions. Click here to find out more.

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