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The True Cost of Brochure Design and 4 Fast Ways to Satisfy Your Budget

The key cost of brochure design can be split down into several areas. These are what you will need to fund if you want to impress your customers. Whichever way you intend to create a brochure these costs are constant. The costs can vary from item to item, but generally you will need to include each of these. However, that does not mean you will inevitably go beyond your budget. Here are the main costs and ways in which you can keep those in your price range.

Design Work

Yes, there is obviously a design cost if you want a professional brochure. However, this will be highly dependent on how much work you need to be done. If your designer can envision a booklet plan you are happy with, the cost may be lower. On the other hand, if you have lots of complex ideas then this could create a high cost. It is based around what you want. You need to create a great product for your clients. However, this is one area to set the brochure design cost in advance. Once this cost is fixed, it will help you stay in your budget. Working with an expert design firm will help solidify costs.

Printing Costs and Cost of Brochure Design 

Get the cost for brochure design including a price for printing your product. Printing costs can vary wildly but have much to do with the quantity you require. You can always set a minimum number required such as 3,000. Your designer can tell you if it is possible to have more in your budget. Often, the more brochures you would like, the lower the cost per brochure. Consider this when deciding on the number of brochures you need.

Physical Quality and the Cost of Brochure Design

The quality of printed media varies wildly. We have all received a thick card leaflet in the post before and equally, a piece of copier paper. Although the message is the same, put them side by side and you notice the quality instantly. Ask to see some examples to allow you to understand the cost of brochure design versus the quality of your brochure. Seeing examples will bring to life the effect different paper thicknesses and printer inks can have. Then you can decide what works for you within your own budget.

Personalised Photography

A quick mention should be made about photographs taken specifically for your company. Using stock photos can be convenient but may not make the most of your organisation. You may be able to get by if you have a lot of manufacturer stock photos. However, you might need some professional photographs taken to make your business stand out. Do bear in mind the cost of this. It can be expensive and items like this can easily take you over your budget.

Keeping to your budget is an important part of brochure design. Creative Harmony’s expert design team will work within your budget. We understand the different factors involved in putting together your brochure. We will help you get the best possible product for the cost of brochure design. Creative Harmony’s expert designers appreciate that this is going to be a vital marketing tool giving key messages to your customers. Your brochure will take centre stage in the marketplace.

As an Expert Design Firm We care about your project and our team will work with you, so you know exactly how far your budget will go. If wanted, we will support you to economise in certain areas to get the right result for your business. Your bespoke brochure revolves around your needs and will work for you.

Contact the Creative Harmony team to get your next brochure project in budget. Enjoy our high levels of personal service and commitment; we are with you every step of the way.

You can see relevant examples of our work Fintech Company Brochure Design and Accountant Brochure Design.

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