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Mailshots used to be posted, and writing them was a skill because the words were all you had. Typewriters had one font. Golfball typewriters had the heady excitement of around fifty fonts in two different sizes (10 and 12 pt) but there was a catch … you had to change the golfball each time you changed font!

Email marketing tips for solicitors and accountants

Written by Thursday, 29 October 2015 01:13

There are many email marketing systems available today, but not all of them are suitable for law and accountancy companies. When you copy a generic format time and time again, your clients will soon tire of seeing the same information dropping into their inbox.

SEO link building for law firms & accountants

Written by Thursday, 29 October 2015 01:13

Having a user-friendly website is very important for any law and accountancy firm today. If your website is confusing and hard to navigate with any ease, then your prospective clients will soon move on to another site that offers a better user-experience.

Content marketing has been around for a long time when you think about it. From email marketing and newsletters to white papers, we have used our content to communicate our messages and ideas for many years. However, the way that successful companies now approach their content marketing is very different indeed to what they did in the past.

Social media has been around for well over a decade, yet despite how well known all the different social media platforms are, professional business owners are still having trouble successfully utilising them for their own gain.

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